Spammers’ Special

Well the three days of no spams are long gone and almost forgotten and sometimes even thought to be a mere figment of my imagination; what with the 130+ spam comments I had to delete today. Bleh.


4 Responses to “Spammers’ Special”

  1. You know something? At any given moment, I have at least 3 sources trying to spam my .. eh?
    Anyway, I think it would be a good thing if you can enable Akismet. I think it works well. As for me, I wrote my own little application that helps me repel these attacks. And prevent future ones. Last time I had a a spam issue was sometime in July and after that, it was history
    I’m even thinking of commercialising my solution, 🙂 That would be cool

  2. hmmm i think i already have akismet enabled. all the comments go to this one link on my dashboard…its just some get past the filter and i still have to go through all 100+ comments to make sure that comments that aren’t spam didn’t get caught in there. that’s happened before too.

  3. You’re not alone my friend. If you need any help. let me know

  4. Akismet is good, but sometimes it’s *too* good. It also seems to work differently on each blog. Ben’s always having stuff get through …

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