Work Arama ::Taxi Adventures::

Yesterday was quiet an interesting day when it comes to my taxi experiences. I tend to use taxis everyday and usually end up using 3-6 taxis a day just to get around. Yesterday, I took five.  The last three were the ones that are worth noting.  I had to go t Wadi Seer again yesterday, and a friend drove me some of the way there. I took a taxi for the rest of the journey which was supposed to cost .45 JOD but all I had on me was 40 piasters and ten and twenty JOD bills.  The guy didn’t have change for a ten and so he took the forty piasters.

This is not unusual but the way he went about it was.  He was really nice and respectful and honestly didn’t give a damn about the five piasters he was getting underpaid. Usually when the taxi drivers don’t have enough change they begrudgingly take whatever change you do have and gripe about it while they’re at it. 

I had expected the amount to be less than 40 piasters so I hadn’t made sure if he had change for a ten at the time and when we stopped and he told me that it was forty five, I instantly asked him if he had change for a ten and he was like ‘How much in change do you have?’ I told him and he was like ‘Ok just give me that.’  It’s hard to come by respectful and nice taxi drivers. (Besides the fact that it’s almost impossible to find taxi drivers with change on their persons. It’s like seriously they should have some loose change and whatnot around them but they usually don’t. But that’s straying from the topic.)

So when I left Wadi Seer, I asked the taxi to take me to TlaAli.  On the way the guy passed by a mosque and asked me if he could go in and pray since they had started the prayer. I told him he could and I think he was surprised that I hadn’t refused.  He went in and then came back a few minutes later.  While he was gone he had turned off the car so that the meter didn’t keep counting (and I’ve had times when they don’t do that).

When he came back he apologized and was like ‘Thank you so much.’ I asked him to stop by a gas station so that I could get change for a ten to be able to pay him and he didn’t gripe about that.  And I think he even undercharged me as well; like rounding it down instead of rounding up. And again he apologized about making the prayer stop when I got dropped off at my last tutoring stop.

But of course the day can’t end on a happy note. Those are rare in Jordan.  I took the last taxi of the day to go home. It was past nine at night and I was tired.  I paid the guy (it cost 0.90) with a five JD bill.  He gave me back a bunch of ones and was like ‘I owe you ten piasters.’ I told him not to worry about it and he left. I was putting the one JD bills into my wallet when I realized he gave me three JDs back instead of four. He ripped me off. 

It’s like I should have learned from the millions of times they’ve done the same thing to me before. Saying sorry for the few piasters that they didn’t have in change and then ripping me off with a whole JD or even more.

I really should start counting my change before I get out of the taxi. Dang. It’s just one would hope people were a bit more trustworthy here.


3 Responses to “Work Arama ::Taxi Adventures::”

  1. awww… i had a taxi driver take like a 50cnt piece when all i had was a ten on me once too..the guy was the same.. real respectfull and whatnot… never had one stop to pray.. tho did have one stop for gas…been ripped off too 😛 :))

  2. I’ve never heard of a taxi driver scam like that. In America, the scam you in a more in-your-face, nothing-you-can-do-about-it kind of way. Of course, “scam artists” like these consider it charity. Anyway, isn’t charity one of the five pillars AND a cardinal virtue?

    But it probably doesn’t count if they’re not in need, and if it’s deception.

  3. charity is one of the five pillars but as the word’s meaning is it has to be given not taken with force and as you said it doesn’t count if they’r enot in need and if it’s deception. besides most people here aren’t that practicing in their religion anyways. it’s like they’re just muslim by name and because their parents and whatnot were muslim so they just call themselves that. and thats why many of them are all out to make it for themselves even if it means ruining other people’s lives. they take ‘dog eat dog’ almost literally here :p (And for all who would love to bite my head off about this and say im too critical or whatnot im just talking in general there are exceptions but those in my opinion are few and far between)

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