Books :: The Invisible Wall::

I just read this article about a 96 year old who just published his first book; a memoir about his childhood in Europe.  I found the article super intriguing and wanted to share it with everyone.

Harry Bernstein proves that it’s never too late to do things.  Age is never an excuse.  He started writing his memoir when he was 93 right after his wife of almost 70 years died.  And what’s else, he’s almost done writing his second book about his move to the States from Europe and his life here.

The book itself sounds interesting and I dare say might actually be different from the ‘Oh feel sorry for us’ type stories that I’ve come across when a book talks about Jews and their struggles. I can’t wait to go back to the states and get my hands on this book. It sounds promising.


4 Responses to “Books :: The Invisible Wall::”

  1. you’re reading “Million little pieces” ?? it’s fraud. you should read the parody “Million little pieces of feces” . read the amazon reviews on Million little piece and the controversy of this book. It’s totally worthless.

  2. invisible wall? think ive heard someone tell me about that… tho i think it was basically an anne frank type book… just with an older narrator i suppose.. : P

  3. 😀 That looks awesome!

    And as for Million Little Pieces, I think calling it a “Fraud” is being way too harsh. It’s a book, the message is the same regardless of the factuality of its content.

  4. A Million Little Pieces is so not fraud! I couldn’t disagree more. So what if there are a few parts that aren’t completely true. I am not reading this book to analyze whether its true or not. I’m reading it because I personally like the story line and the writing style.

    I purely read books for enjoyment. So if I find myself liking the book I will read on and not care whether there’s a mega controversy behind it. But with all honesty A Million Little Pieces is a pretty darn good.

    Don’t judge a book by what people say about it, because people are always biased and might give out a distorted view on a book that you might actually seriously enjoy…i should write a post about this…hmm

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