Drum Roll Please ::How Disrupt Class::

I was going through one of my university notebooks today when I came across a short list I had started.   On this particular page I had written:


How to drive your teacher crazy:

1. Chew gum in class

2. Play games on your cell phone

3. Ask questions on things that were just clearly explained and after the teacher explains it again say that s/he makes no sense

4. Talk loudly to your friend or self

5. Comment on what is being said without waiting for your turn

6. Interrupt the teacher as much as possible while complaining about something related or otherwise to the topic

7. Interrupt the teacher by asking something off topic

8. Comment loudly about how the teacher is dressed, hair do etc

9. Throw crumpled up bits of paper at the teacher when his/her back is turned

I’m sure there are many many more ways to disrupt the classroom and drive your teacher nuts… care to share some?


3 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::How Disrupt Class::”

  1. throw change at them while they’re writing at the board

  2. today in poetry, my professor said something he thought was funny, then one other girl began commenting on the poem we were workshopping before he had quite finished and she, in a very dry tone, was like “yeah, and the, oh, sorry Ralph, that was very funny, her themes are -” and the rest of us burst into laughter. I think it annoyed the teacher some, though he was trying not to be the freakin’ moron he otherwise is…it was quite funny, so yay for Emily. Then I had a professor once who habitually threw stuff at us, but she threw it at the people who tended to make sexist comments, so, yeah. I’m not being too helpful. Just rambling.

  3. scream to your friend across the room. Mock the teacher. repeat what they say in a funny tone. curse out loud

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