Dun Dun! ::Ticket Is Bought!::

About a month ago I ordered my high school transcripts be sent to the university I am applying to.  I called the university and they said they had not received anything. I then called my high school and they said they had sent it but would reorder it since it hadn’t reached it’s destination.  Which makes me believe that they hadn’t sent it to begin with. Argh I am beginning to really hate my high school. They’ve been a pain from the very beginning.  And university starts on August 30th over there so if I want to get registered in time and stuff I’d have to get my transcripts over there asap.

The main thing U of M wanted was to get proof that I would be able to handle the university coursework.  I could do this either by sending my high school transcripts (which are from a university in the US) or I need to get a paper from the university of Jordan saying that all my courses for my major were given in English.

I went today to the university to try and get that paper. Half of them stared at me dumbfounded and were like ‘You need what?’ and the other half were like ‘Oh yeah just go here and they’ll do it for you.’ and that ‘here’ place had the people who were dumbfounded at my request. Seriously, am I like the first person to ask for this?

On a more cheery note I bought my ticket out of here about a week ago.  I will be leaving Jordan for good on June 27th of this year. A one way ticket so no coming back anytime soon. I am so excited. I bought the ticket off of Travelocity, it’s a well known ‘agency’ of sorts and they have really good prices and what’s even better they ship the tickets all over the world so if you want to save a few hundred dollars check it out. 

I’m so excited that I already went through most of my stuff and got rid of more than half of it.  I just can’t wait until right before leaving to do all this. It makes me feel like I’m being productive and doing something to get me nearer the day I’ll be leaving at.

I was hoping to stay at my uncle’s house when I arrive in California (since I’ll be going there for five/six weeks before going to Michigan to study) but that didn’t work out and I’ll be staying with them only for a few days. So now I’m on the hunt to find who I know who wouldn’t mind me imposing myself upon them for the rest of my stay. Maybe I’ll go and stay at more than one person’s house and be able to get to see all of my friends and stuff before leaving. Hmm I’ll keep you guys updated.

And on a completely random note, I got my left eyebrow pierced today. I am really happy with it and was very impressed by the professionality of the place I got it done at.  The dude had diplomas and stuff from London which I’m hoping are not fake and I must say the guy did know what he was doing. I’m really impressed. I should post some pictures soon hopefully.


7 Responses to “Dun Dun! ::Ticket Is Bought!::”

  1. It’s been quite cold and in the low 30’s this week with snow flurries in A2. I am sure you’ll enjoy your time here as there is much to do and the city is very rich in culture and the arts. What are you planning on studying? And the piercing will fit in perfectly here 😉

  2. You’re talking about Flint? My friend’s dad is over there right now and sending her pics of the snow and stuff. I really can’t wait. And i’ll be going there in the beginning/mid august so the whether should start getting chilly and whatnot. oh and I’m planning on studying english literature with emphasis on writing. *fingers crossed I get in*.

  3. Believe me, ur gonna miss that hell of urs more than u can ever imagine right now.

    ps. PICTURES!

  4. miss? i think thats not part of my vocab.

    and be patient man i just got it today :p

  5. Dealing with paperwork is a pain. I’ve been applying for college recently, too and getting my high school diploma sent has been much more difficult than it should have been. What are you going to study?

    That’s cool you got your eyebrow pierced. 🙂


  6. Ahhhhhh…you’ll be attending UofM Flint. I mistakenly assumed it was the Ann Arbor campus. Flint is about 1 hr north of Ann Arrbor (aka A2). Blue collar town….have you been there?

    August is actually pretty hot and humid (the real killer in Michigan)…and we usually get an Indian Summer come Sept. The real cold comes in late October with possible school closures due to snow in late Nov. The ground is usually covered in snow from Dec through Feb. And a warning about MI, we usually have days where you can experience the four seasons within a 24 hour period. Yes you can wear shorts in the afternoon and then have snow fall of two feet come the next morning.

  7. hahah wow. thats gonna be fun! ive never been to michigan before except for layovers inbetween flights. but it sounds like it’ll be a really interesting adventure…and who knows if i love it enough i might end up staying there for the rest of my life (tho i doubt it cuz cali is my home)

    and Kelsy…yeah its such a pain having to get everything together for admision but its much easier for a transfer student than a coming in freshmen i believe. Im planning on studying english with emphasis on writing btw. and good luck on your applications and whatnot!

    and the eyebrow is healing up really really nicely. i dont feel it unless i bump my hand against it and then it just kinda stings but the pain goes away the moment you feel it.

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