Work It! ::Hoppin’ the Hip::

Alright, so I go to what should have been the third class for hip hop, the one I had talked about in my last post, and I find that though it’s on the schedual it had yet to start. I had dragged my friend to it and was looking forward all week to it for me to find out that it hadn’t started.  Typical Jordanian dealings I guess.

However, it did start the week after. I signed up for it and had a really long day with tutoring and so was rushing to get to the gym on time.  Everything you could imagine went wrong that hour before the class was to start and I’m not going to go into detail, but lets say I ran up the two flights of stairs because I couldn’t wait for the elevator and arrived to the room out of breath about two or three minutes after the class should have started. Now is the time I must admit that I was happy that Arabs are almost never on time.  No one but my sister, mother, and instructor were there. After I had regained my breath the other people showed up.

Now this class was shown as for teens.  I had expected 15, 16, 17 and older to be attending.  The class had a couple of those but most of them were 11, 12, and 13 or at least looked like that. But despite that I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t agree that all the steps the instructor constructed went along with one another as smoothly as they could but at least it was enjoyable and she at least knows the moves and isn’t teaching something she’s got no clue about.

The class is given twice a week but I can only attend once a week and so miss out on what goes on in the other day but I must say though I probably wouldn’t sign up for another month (I paid for two months) I am still enjoying it; enjoying breaking a sweat and tweeking the steps that were coreaographed after I get home and stuff.

On the second week, my mom asked the instructor to come join since it is meant for teens and not older people. She then signed up and it was quiet interesting seeing a ballet dancer try to hip hop.  It was cute.


2 Responses to “Work It! ::Hoppin’ the Hip::”

  1. Wheres this gym?? and is it mixed or for females only??
    i really need to know . I want to sign up in a gym today or tomorrow !

  2. Fitness One can be found near abdullah Ghoosheh street and is close to mecca mall. that’s as much as i remember.

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