Random ::Sickness, Fish, and the Sun Sings?::

Apparently the sun sings.

Don’t eat any fish in Jordan.  I was told that there have been recent cases of brain damage and nerve damage related to fish bought and eaten in Jordan. I can’t say how true or accurate this information is but if I were you I’d heed this even if it does turn out wrong because if it does turn out right then you’ll be in huge trouble.  So be careful.

It’s sick season. Terrible, terrible time of the year.  The sad thing is that this time of year Jordan can almost be considered beautiful.  For a month or two during the spring season Jordan is just blooming and everything is green but that also  means allergy season and the sudden change in the weather makes almost everyone sick. So that means no one can actually enjoy the lovely weather and beauty that only comes about every ten months. It’s all a conspiracy I swear!

And for all you Harry Potter fans out there…check this out.  Harry Potter fans all over the world are trying to get a national holiday set up for Harry Potter. July 21st. Their goal is to get one million signatures by July 21st and so far only have just over ten thousand. So if you’re an HP fan then get your butt in gear and sign that petition!

Also, McDonald’s stinks (at least the one in front of the university of Jordan does). I can’t remember the last time I ate there but I doubt I’ll be seeing the inside of one anytime soon. I’m so disappointed with them. The soda was flat, the McChicken burger I got tasted as if the chicken had freezer burn and the fries were super salty. And get this- they charge extra if you ask for mayo!  The service was great though and the people were so friendly- that is the main thing lacking in good ol’ Burger King.  But the service isn’t enough of a plus to get me to go back there anytime in the near future. It was that bad.


6 Responses to “Random ::Sickness, Fish, and the Sun Sings?::”

  1. McD’s also had the nasty music on too high…have you signed youre name yet?

  2. mcdonalds has tiny burgers anyways lol

  3. you betcha mikail! if you look closely you’ll find my name there on the list:p

  4. Allergies suck, especially when they’re outdoors/pet related. There was this one story a while back about a person allergic to water. They had to take all sorts of medication, but that’s an extreme case.

    Most fast food places stink. Especially in the US because it’s contributing to the obesity problem.

  5. McD’s is awful. It only exists as a haven for flies and a breeding ground for disease.

    I heard that a girl in Canada found a rat in her McBurger. I don’t know if this is true, but it was on the news.

  6. yeah it’s super disgusting… i miss in’n’out now that was quality fastfood. I’ll be having some of that in two months hopefully- after four years of missing it :p

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