USA ::I Miss…::

I’ve introduced a new category for anything directly related to my moving back to the States or my experiences in the States (called ‘Home Sweet Home’).  Two more months and two days before I board that plane out of this God forsaken place.

I’m afraid I’ll miss writing my posts about Jordanian Idiocracy but I think I’ve written enough negative things for now and I’m more than willing to end that category than have to deal with the alternative of staying here to write more about it.

So I was thinking about what I miss most in California that isn’t available here in Jordan. And here’s the list. It’s not ordered in any particular order. I’m just listing it as I remember the things I used to do there.

 I miss…


*Barnes and Nobles

*In n out


*Green grass

*The Ocean (you can’t believe how terrible it is to live a huge part of your life right next to the ocean and have that salty breeze always coming into your house and then move to a place where water is scarce)

*Virgin streets (as in the streets are flat and not full of ditches and bumps where people dug up the street for some reason and did a crappy job in filling it back in)

*Quiet drivers (i.e. rarely any honking or shouting) and everyone sticking to their lanes and not making a four lane street into a six lane street.

*Taking long showers where the hot water wont finish quickly (yup in Jordan you have a water heater in the house and the water gets cold after about fifteen minutes max in the shower)

*The motto ‘Customers are always right’ (very lacking here)

*The mostly great service you get in stores, restaurants, and other public places (extremely lacking here)

*My elementary/high school friends

*Library bookshop with books for sale for less than a dollar 

*7-11 Slushies 

*Sales in general that actually save you money

*The ability to live your life with your own rules and beliefs and not have to deal with the society and be expected to conform to them

When I remember more I’ll make another list but I think for now this is long enough.


8 Responses to “USA ::I Miss…::”

  1. DV, you are from California? Now HOW did I miss that??? Well, God bless you are you return…and please, take a long walk on the beach for me, breathe deeply the salty air, wiggle your toes in the wet sand, wave at the driver who let’s you pull into traffic…yikes, homesickness setting in!

    Are you taking Amino? I will pray for you two!

  2. yup im from califronia but wont be staying there. I’m only going to visit for a month and then move to michigan where I have decided to finish my BA. and amino isn’t comeing with me *cries* god knows i tried to get her to come. but another friend of mine is going back with me and we’re going to live together and study together inshaAllah.

    aww i’ll be sure to do all that. my aunt and uncle live in laguna hills…right next to the beach. so i’ll be going there quite a bit i hope. i’ll make a post soon about what im planning on doing i guess…:p

  3. Hey, if you ever decided to visit your hometown … look me up .. It would be awesome to meet you and your family.. and I’ll take you all out to dinner or something 🙂

  4. lol alrighty will do Q :p

  5. LAGUNA!!! Habeebti, then have breakfast at the Greeter for me!! Wow, I know God is going to talk to you in the voice of the waves of the ocean, He is going to refresh your spirit, restore your soul.

  6. And that is only one percent of why WE and notice its a WE hATE this dirt (sorry but thats all it is to me) of a country! read the blog after this one!!!

  7. California Emanuel xP

  8. DV, i have no idea how i ended up reading your blog but here i am. Aright heres the thing, I have to move to Jordan for university in about 2 weeks and I’m completely petrified, if theres anyway in the world you can provide a few pointers as to how to actually get along in that country and actually survive it, please help! I’m originally Arab, but my Arabic is borderline non-existant, and I’ve lived abroad my whole existance, so as you can see i’m reasonably freaked out abotu the whole move, if theres any helpful tips you can give me I’d really appreciate it, and if you have any idea about wether I’d be better off at the University of Jordan or JUST please let me know, thank a bunch!

    My emails,

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