Book Review ::A Million Little Pieces::

Title: A Million Little Pieces 

Series:  N/A

Author: James Frey

Pages: 512

Cost: $9.15

My Rating: B+

Date Published: 2003

Comment: A friend of mine got me to borrow this book off her and I’m really happy I did. I just loved the style of the author. His writing is fresh and completely new and the layout of the novel is very unique. When I began reading this story I was instantly gripped and could not begin any other story until I finished this one. I don’t care how much of the story is not true or how much is fabricated or that the author lied a lot. This is a great piece of writing if I may say so and no matter what it’s labeled we can’t deny that it isn’t a really great book.  It’s a story about an alcohol and drug addicted 23 year old kid named James Frey and his story of recovering from these addictions. It is truly an amazing book and worth owning. I can’t wait to read the sequel ‘My Friend Leonard’.


8 Responses to “Book Review ::A Million Little Pieces::”

  1. Sounds interesting honestly. I think I’ll go looking for it as soon as I am done with The Kite Runner.
    Thanks for the information.

  2. I prefer “A million little fibers” by Towelie!! It has a more interesting plot line.

  3. so It’s not a million little pieces of feces ?? I’m disappointed then 😛

  4. this book was on my to read list..and i requested it through th library..but then i took it off my list because i heard it was not that great..maybe i’ll put it back on my to read list..damn it is so long!

  5. hm, I don’t particularly care that he lied, exactly, just that he published it as a nonfiction piece, as a true story about himself to get more popularity/publicity/whatever is what I don’t agree with. As a fiction novel, I’m sure it’s interesting. But if you need to blow your own story out of proportion or whatever, then don’t make it your story. Write someone else’s story. Maybe I’ll read it eventually, though…haven’t heard many great things about it beyond the it isn’t actually nonfiction bit.

  6. thats the thing madison…they took it to the extreme. he didn’t try and publish it as nonfiction just to get famous and stuff. He first tried to publish it as fiction but non of the publishers wanted it because if you read it you’ll realize the writing style is very unique. and so he found out that it could be concidered as a memoir…which is different than an autobio or nonfiction. but either way its still really good.

  7. a memoir is nonfiction. creative nonfiction encompasses memoirs, travel, social commentary, you name it. and if you can’t publish a book for what it is, don’t publish it at all. there are plenty of publishers who will publish other writing styles…every style is going to be different and some of my best writing friends are experimental writers and I’ve seen that sort of thing published. if you’re going to market something as nonfiction, it needs to be true. yes, I agree they totally blew up the issue and out of proportion and pissed Oprah off. I thought that entire a bit was ridiculous. I just fear going to publish my own, true nonfiction and my readers being skeptical. What if I’m lying, too? What if that didn’t really happen to me? How could such a thing happen? It’s disconcerting.

  8. yeah i can see your point madison but if you take all the contreversy away it is a good book and very well written and etc. it is wrong what he did and stuff but that doesn’t mean his writing is bad. he just made yet another mistake.

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