Dun Dun! ::Accepted or Rejected?::

Just this last Friday I was complaining to my family (or whoever of my family that was in the car) about how much money I had spent on applying to the University of Michigan and how they were giving me a really hard time with everything they receive from me.  I had just spent $24 to get some old college transcripts sent to them and I was going off about how I was positive they were going to reject me.

Especially after the episode with the paper from the University of Jordan saying that my major is taught in English.  I’ll recount it here. The University of Michigan wanted proof that I could handle their coursework. This proof would come in the form of either a high school transcript (which shows I graduated from a school in English), a TOEFL test, or an official letter from the University of Jordan saying that my major is taught in English.

I had ordered my high school transcripts a whole month earlier but they had not received it yet. So I had to call my high school and see what went wrong. They reordered the transcript but I didn’t trust it to arrive so I decided to get the letter from the University as well just to have my back covered.

I went about two weeks ago and ran around for a few hours trying to get that paper only to find out later on that it said ‘The instruction media at the University of Jordan for the English Lit. Major is English’ or something along those lines. Of course Amino instantly pointed out to me that it was supposed to be ‘medium’ instead of ‘media’. So I tried to get them to fix it but they refused. They said they have used this same paper for the past 40 years and a professor from the English department had written it for them. I had no choice but to send it as it is.  I did only to find out later that I could have easily asked the Deen of my faculty to just write a personal letter stating what was needed.

I decided I was doomed. The University of Michigan would take one look at that pitiful paper and laugh their heads off and be like ‘oh yeah! they definately teach in English.’  After that incident I just waited and hoped but didn’t really believe I would be accepted. I even seriously started looking at what was needed to apply to the community college there- Mott Community College so that I can transfer to U of M after completing my general ed.

Then, last Friday I got an email from university of Michigan saying I was accepted! They had received my high school transcripts and the letter from the university. They had yet to receive my old college transcripts though because I had just ordered them the day before. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that email and was expecting it to be a hoax or a joke or a mistake. So for the rest of the evening I was expecting an email saying that they had sent the email to the wrong person. But instead I was able to get into the Student info system section of the website and I was even able to register for classes already!

And what’s more they transferred 54 of my 63 credits! I was hoping they’d transfer at least half of my credits instead they transferred most of them! Now that made my day. They didn’t transfer only three of my classes.  One more credit and I’d be considered a Junior too when I only attended a year and half in the university of Jordan.

Now I’m waiting to find out which classes they transferred and what they replace and whatnot so that I may be able to plan out what to take and stuff. I already registered for one of the general education classes and am looking forward to completing my registration by the end of the week. *fingers crossed*

It’s unbelievable that I can actually sign up for my classes from now…four months in advance when in JU we only had a week or two. And I have five months to sign up for them instead of the half hour they give us in JU. Besides the fact that I can register for my classes on-line from my own laptop instead of have to run around finding the appointed lab in the JU campus to register.

I’m so relieved I’m finished for good from the University of Jordan. And now I can truly feel as though I’m getting a decent education that will actually count and help me towards achieving my goals.

Go blue! (though I’m not a fan of that color)


17 Responses to “Dun Dun! ::Accepted or Rejected?::”

  1. Congratulations! I hope your experience in UJ will help you appreciate what’s to come in Michigan. It’s a very good school.

    Get ready for some really cold winters, brrr!

  2. Thats the best you can do, get good education!!Good luck, and by the way you are lucky that they still consider the UJ the best school in jordan with JUST and sommaya, the rest is considered 10th tier schools!!

  3. hooray for you! so awesome. what are you gonna take? hehe 😛

  4. Congrats! Ann Arbor is an awesome, awesome place! I loved it, please live there!!

  5. Yay! It’s al getting exciting now, isn’t it? 😀 Good luck to you. When do you move back to the States?

  6. Congrats!! That’s awesome, Kloude!

  7. thanks everyone. it seriously is a relief! i can’t wait…it’s like right around the corner but wont’ come fast enough still :p i’ll have a post up later on about exactly what the plans are…so stay tuned! :p

  8. Congratulations, hun! I’m really happy for you!

  9. “They said they have used this same paper for the past 40 years and a professor from the English department had written it for them.”

    HAHA…I needed this. Congrats again…

  10. Hey, congrats! That’s a happy ending for what sounded like a mess of work.

    An English Major, eh? Sweet! 🙂

  11. this is Brilliant! 😀

    i’m really happy for you, must be a great feeling.
    When are you leaving Amman? i MUST see you!


  12. btw, i really like the post 😀
    it’s nicely written, hehe
    with all the suspense and stuff, hehe

  13. yeah it’s a great feeling! Thanks everyone for the wellwishes!

    ~~~btw, i really like the post
    it’s nicely written, hehe
    with all the suspense and stuff, hehe~~~

    thanks omar 😉

  14. Whoo, you made it in – and with almost all your credits, too! That’s fantastic! Especially after all the hassles and everything… haha, I’m so happy for you! *hugs* 😀

  15. Now it is time for a comment from good ‘ol mom!!! I could not be more proud or amazed at your achievments. You set your goals and through all of the ups and downs, you made it and you made it happen. All of this is a result of your hard work,dedication and believing in yourself. You deserve the best and inshaAllah this will be a big reward from many for your patience and perseverance. Alf Mubarak!!! and then some…..

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