Work ::And so the Story Goes…::

Just over two weeks ago I got a call from this lady who found out about me through her friend who knows an acquaintance of mine. Yes complicated but the point is she wanted me to tutor her and her three children. Now my schedule was pretty full what with 16 students already. But somehow I was able to manage them into my busy day; tutoring them three days a week for three hours. Usually I tutor early in the morning or later in the afternoon/evening so I was able to squeeze them into the time after 1 and before 4.

The lady has three children ages 8 and half, six, and four.  Two girls and a boy. The eldest is the boy. I arrived there the first day with my bag loaded with the books I figured would be at their age and reading levels. I talk to the mother a little bit to see what she wants out of these tutoring sessions since she wants to be tutored as well. Pretty much all they want is to work on their speaking and reading skills. Which is a big no problem to me.

They are very very sweet and I really enjoy teaching them. They are very respectful and kind and the children are very sweet. Unlike some of my students I’m having a lot of trouble with.

There is this one kid I tutor that just drives me nuts. I have been tutoring him since he was in second grade and then took a semester off because I couldn’t handle him anymore. When I decided I was going to go back to the states and needed to save up some money I decided I should tutor him again because they paid pretty well and I thought maybe there was still hope for him yet. So I did. And though I don’t regret it, I do sometimes wish I hadn’t gotten him back.

How bad is he? Well think of all those hafartali guys you see strutting around Amman. You know who I’m talking about. The grease heads, with their super super tight pants and shirts that look like they haven’t been washed in a week. The dudes that always wear those pointy clicking shoes, and their filthy hands from too much picking at their noses and other parts of their disgusting bodies. The ones who just hang out on the sides of the streets doing nothing (smoking is considered one of the ‘nothings’ they are doing) or hanging out at the university smoking and they’re doing nothing because though their dad’s are working three jobs and their mom’s are working two jobs besides taking care of the kids and the house those idiot’s parent’s don’t believe in mixing work with study and so they tell their sons to go and study and make them proud.  But instead they go to the university wasting their parent’s money while checking out all the girls that pass by and commentating about them to one another and being disgusting while they’re at it and not even thinking about school or classes.

In other words the typical average youth Arab Joe.  Well this is what this kid will definitely turn out to become if he keeps at it the way he is right now. 

There was a spell where he was becoming much better. He was studying and not sitting there for the hour making me keep trying to get him to study. But that was just that: a phase. He’s back to his evil nasty ways of making fun every time I say the number six or when we went over his vocab list last week there was the word ‘tease’ on it which means ass in Arabic. He had a hey day with that. The list goes ever on. I can’t wait until school lets out in a few weeks because then I’d be done with him for good.

Though I do honestly like to teach kids and to me it’s very rewarding I’ve been trying for almost two years to make some sort of impression on him. To at least get him to put some effort into his studies (and believe me it’s really not fun to work so hard and then find him failing his tests and have to feel as though the effort put in wasn’t enough). I have yet to be successful in that. Sometimes I feel as though I’m making some progress but then something comes up and we go back to where we started. It’s tough but I’ve dealt with tough kids before.


2 Responses to “Work ::And so the Story Goes…::”

  1. That last kid sounded like a “tease” himself. If I were you, I’d find another client to take his place (or not, whatever) then drop him like a trig class.

  2. lol all i’ve got is two more weeks and then im done so im just biding my time. not sure if anyone would thank me passing him on to them. then again maybe some other people would have abetter positive effect on him cuz i know i failed at that point to some extent.

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