An Example of Idiocracy ::Taxi Drivers::

For once I will not bash the Jordanian population like I usually do in posts under this category, but actually I must say that taxi drivers never cease to surprise me these days.  Lately I’ve been asking them not to smoke while I’m in the car and so far only one person has ignored my request. Most of the time though they apologize (yes! I know almost unbelievable!) and put away the cigarette they were just about to light.

However, a few days ago was the biggest shocker of all. The taxi driver actually asked me if I mind him smoking! He even asked before he brought the cigarette and lighter out. Now when he did that I for once in my life felt as though there is still hope in this country, that decent people still existed and that they were maybe just a tiny bit spreading. Even if it’s slowly I’m having hope that it’s going to be worth it.

Of course there’s a good bunch out there that are still idiots but this one taxi driver was really really nice and friendly. He misunderstood the directions I told him (I usually tell them a bit before they hit the turn or whatnot) and so we needed to make a last second turn that didn’t go too well. Instead of going off about how unclear I was he just said ‘I understood we were supposed to turn after the light not at it.’ And when he dropped me off he said ‘I’m sorry about the misunderstanding.’ That totally threw me off! He didn’t blame me as is the norm and stuff. That was a very nice shocker.

Lately, they’ve been more respectful than I have ever experienced. It’s a nice change.


3 Responses to “An Example of Idiocracy ::Taxi Drivers::”

  1. Shocking

  2. wow , you talk about taxi drivers like they’re from another planet or something, remember , they’re ppl just like you and me , YES some of them are iditos , but only some , maybe you’ve been unlucky with the taxis you use , but most of them are actully great

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