USA ::Plans…Plans…::

Well here’s an update.  I ordered my college transcripts sent from California to the University of Michigan a few weeks ago and apperantly they had recieved them because now I have 74.5 credits transfered.  The college credits totalled 20.5 credits and all of them transfered over. I now have Junior status though I will need at least another three semesters to be able to graduate which is absolutly no problem for me.

What’s the plan? So far this is what is going on in my plans for going to the states:

  • June 27 2007
    • Leave for the airport at around 8 am (I would have sent my lugage through the day before)
    • Airplane takes off at 11:30 am. I’ll be traveling with American Airlines which is opperated by Royal Jordanian Airlines
    • One and a half hour layover in Chicago
    • Arrive at LAX (Los Angeles California) at 9pm where my aunt and uncle will pick me up
  • Month in California
    • I’ll be staying with my aunt and uncle for most of the month
    • See the ocean as much as I can (which wouldn’t be hard if I stay at my aunt and uncle’s house because the view from their house is the ocean and the beach)
    • Catch up with as many of my friends as I possibly can get a hold of
    • I’d like to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain
    • Stay a few days with my writting buddy Madison V (totally looking forward to that)
    • Attend my friend’s wedding (if she decides to make it on the first of July instead of end of June)
    • Get In n Out, 7/11 slurpy, pretzel (from Pretzel Time), and a few other foods or restaurants that are too many to mention at the moment
    • Go shopping in the malls with their great sales and go to Barnes and Nobles a few times as well
    • Watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix in theaters and buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when they are released
    • There’s a slight chance I might go up to Washington state for a bit to see the rest my uncles, aunts, and cousins.
    • I want to stop by Hot Topic
  • August 2nd-4th 2007 (tentative)
    • Leave at an unknown time as of yet
    • Most likely make a stop for a short bit in Georgia
    • Arrive in Flint Michigan

That’s all I can think of to write down right now. I’m sure there’s a million other things I want to do. I’ll find out about them as they come along.


9 Responses to “USA ::Plans…Plans…::”

  1. I’m going to see/read Harry Potter too….!! You know what would be really, really cool? The Harry Potter movie on IMAX 3D! There’s an IMAX as part of the movie theatre of the Irvine Spectrum!!

  2. “Most likely make a stop in Georgia”…I wonder why 😉

  3. Hot Topic rocks!!!!

  4. yeah rechelle! hmm that would be so cool! we should all go together.

  5. Sounds like a great plan.. InshaAllah you’ll have lotts of fun. And hopefully I’ll see you soon.. hmmm come to think of it I probably won’t for more than a year! 😦

  6. yes, we should!!

  7. Six Flags Magic Mountain is awesome. You Should Do Everything you can to go there

  8. can’t wait! 😀 *huge hugs*

  9. Hey, have fun!

    P.S.: “fun” fact- We’ll both be at an airport on the same day. Though not at the same time or place.

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