Fam ::Spider Brings the House Down…Way Down::

Just an hour or so ago I saw this huge spider in the cornor of the wall in the living room. That thing was big. The size of my palm and I got pretty good sized hands. So I see it first and point it out to the anyone in the room at large.  It was so pretty. I jumped up and took these pictures of it.

The zoomed out view:

The close up:

The kids were hollering and having a fun time acting scared. The older girls decided they wanted to spend the night at some other people’s houses because they’re freaked. I just kept snapping away. Truly that was one beautiful spider; too bad my mom’s best friend decided to expressly come over to kill it.

On another note my 19th birthday is tomorrow. It marks the beginning of my last year as a teenager. I’ll really miss being a teenager now that I think about it. Oh well on to bigger and better things eh? I sure hope so because if not then I’d be mighty disappointed that I had to grow up.


10 Responses to “Fam ::Spider Brings the House Down…Way Down::”

  1. OMG… Thank you KNoor, you are a life SAVER.. K you should have done something about it yourself and not let everyone go crazy at home! ouch!!! that is one big spider.. yaikss.. poor thing it had to die but better than one of my sisters eh????
    wow you are growing up 19!! hehe
    nice number i tell you, so is 21!
    hope your life is fun and exciting and interesting and all that stuff….
    you should be carful some spiders and poisonus!! :>

  2. Whoa – NEAT SPIDER!!! Never seen one that big before, or with that patterning… too bad it ended up dead. 😦

    And 19… wow… doesn’t seem like all that long ago that you turned 18 – has this past year really gone by so quickly? – anyway, a belated happy birthday to you!

  3. Congrats on the birthday!

    Now I will retract that since you posted a scary picture of a spider. 😦 I’m going to be paranoid for a week now, and keep checking behind my bed. :S

    But really, happy birthday!

  4. aww thanks guys and sorry lindsey 😦 i didn’t mean to scare you. at least you can safely say that we found this bugger in jordan like a whole sea and continent away from where you’re at so he wont be visiting you anytime ever. *hugs and headpats*

  5. Hey, wait a minute. If you had taken a vote in your house, hands down that spider was on death row. You could have picked it up and taken it outside yourself! Blaming me for doing your dirty work! You are busted girlfriend!

  6. Go GO KNoor!!! GIve it to her…..I wanted it DEAD!!!!!

  7. i’m not blaming you. i’m just stating a fact. you came over and killed it didn’t you? that’s all i said.

  8. besides i didn’t want it dead and i didn’t want it out of the house either :p but i agree everyone else wanted the poor thing to die

  9. heheh, we catched one like it last week at my brother room :S

  10. what did you do to it?

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