Book Review ::White as Snow::

Title: White as Snow Series:  N/A

Author: Tanith Lee

Pages: 319

Cost: $9.73

My Rating: C+

Date Published: 2000

Comment: I remember reading a few books by Tanith Lee back when I was 14. I loved them. They were so different. So surreal and the stories were just amazingly woven. That’s about the Unicorn series she had written. I had expected something like that when I read White as Snow. I was a bit disappointed. Maybe I read this book during a stressful and very busy time in my life that I wasn’t able to fully focus on it (at least not as much as I would prefer) but though I thought it was a worthy read I didn’t think much more of it. It’s a book I would most likely not read again because it drags on quite a bit and the characters don’t seem as real as they could be, therefore not letting the reader get attached to them. I would want to read this book once but alas only once. It’s good but just that step under great.


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