USA ::24 Hours and Counting::

I decided to steal a few minutes from my crazy schedule to say a quick goodbye to Jordan. The next time I will blog on here will be from the other side of the ocean. I will no longer have any posts about my experiances in Jordan. No more ranting and whining and bitching about stuff here because I just simply won’t be here.

I have about 24 hours until I board that plane back to the States. Wish me luck everyone! See you on the other side :p


5 Responses to “USA ::24 Hours and Counting::”

  1. You’ll be bitching about college…soon 🙂

    Have a save trip!

  2. We’re waiting 🙂

  3. Say, where are you going in the US?

  4. GoodLuck Dude..
    i am sure you’ll have fun :>

  5. hey cloud!, hope u got there safe! finally,a dream comes true, no more bitchin about jordan!, soon you’ll find sumtin to bitch about but it’s not gonna be as bad as jordan!lol, you know wut im sayin!….go catch up!!!, Live It Up!

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