USA :: Been Gone a While::

Let’s see, it’s been about ten days since I arrived in California and I just couldn’t wait to get out of there apparently since I’m already in Washington State visiting my mother’s family. 

California has been super awesome. I got to see a good amount of my friends and had a few very interesting encounters. But all in all a very enjoyable experiance. Can’t wait to get back there in a few days.

I’m constantly finding myself asking ‘What was I thinking?’ First, when I arrived at Laguna Beach and OC area I asked myself that same question.

‘What was I thinking when I decided to go to Michigan to study?’ I had never been there before and had jumped at going there. But…but come to find out California hasn’t changed one bit (other than getting more expensive). Everything was the same. Everyone was the same. It was as if I had never ever left.

Then my uncles get together and get me a greyhound bus ticket to Washington.

‘What was I thinking?’

Of course greyhound sucks since it didn’t let us know that I’d be making at least 15-20 stops on the way. It made it seem as though there were only two stops. Santa Ana to LA and then LA to Seattle. *shoots self and cackles loudly* We had at least 15, twenty minute-one hour, stops. It was worse than my plane trip from Jordan to California and that means a lot.

Anyways, I’m very happy to have finished with the bus ride and I refuse to ever step foot on a greyhound again. I will pay for the extra to get a plane ride back to California if I have to. I still haven’t told my uncles that yet but they’ll find out soon. It was a waste of time and effort and the round trip plane ticket was only like 70 dollars more expensive which I would have gladly paid if I had known before they had bought the ticket.

Live and learn I guess. (Then get Luvs.)


4 Responses to “USA :: Been Gone a While::”

  1. I miss you, hope you’re enjoying your time

  2. Didnt I keep asking you if you were sure that you wanna take a bus up there. And didnt I mention that is was like taking a plane ride all over again. Hmmmm, live and learn and then get luvs as you say. Never know til you try!!

  3. Oh yes and I would love to hear about your “very interesting encounters”. You have peaked my curiosity!!

  4. id like to hear about those as well… no doubt you have a post cooking up for us about it! miss you very much…

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