USA ::Seattle Is Not Dead::

I arrive in Seattle Washington in the wee hours of the morning on the 7th of this month. I had taken the Greyhound from Santa Ana (i.e. southern) California all the way up to Seattle Washington. Not a very good idea but knowing me, I like trying new things out (as long as those new things don’t consist of food that is). And knowing me, most those new things turn out to not be as fun as I had expected.

Actually taking the Greyhound was the worst decision I have done in a long long while. And I mean a LONG while. It was 28 hours of pure torture in my opinion. Yeah the scenery was nice and stuff but I didn’t get to see most of it because I was sleeping most of the time. Completely out cold for some reason.

We had to make at least fifteen stops that I’m positive about. We made so many where the passengers had to get off that it literally drove me nuts. I got sick and tired of getting on and off the bus and loosing a perfectly good seat and waiting in line and all that jazz. And these stops were made in the middle of nowhere. So all your options for food were vending machines or some weird little sub place. I didn’t even bother with either.  Half the time we didn’t even have enough time to order or get anything because we got off and got back on within 20 minutes.

In the end I figure the Greyhound is perfectly fine for shorter trips but not to go through three states and spend 28 hours on. It’s much more worth it just paying the extra 100 or so bucks and get a three hours plane ride. Way less hassle I tell you. It saves you time and the amount extra is worth it.

Anyways, Seattle is really nice. The weather is amazing. Not too hot and not super cold either. Just perfect. A nice change from the heat of California. It was getting pretty hot right before I left. I was able to see my aunts and uncles some I haven’t seen in over 5 years I believe, maybe even more.

I’ll be heading back to Cali on the 11th on the newly bought plane ticket. I just hope that we get the refund for the Greyhound return ticket which we should get but they had made a huge problem at the station when I had wanted to get my ticket. Something about the processing had gone awry and they hadn’t been able to print my original ticket for me but printed a Customer Service ticket which doesn’t have the price on it that you paid. Therefore, I’m gonna have to send the ticket by mail and hope that it doesn’t get lost and there won’t be any problems with everything following.

*fingers crossed*

It’s tough being on your own. And I’m not completely there yet. I’m still depending on my uncles and aunts for things. But even though all this is coming up I wouldn’t want to go back. No, not ever.


6 Responses to “USA ::Seattle Is Not Dead::”

  1. YAAAY …. welcome to Seattle … We should definitely meet while you’re in town ..
    It’s awesome to have another Jordanian blogger in town … I’m so excited …

  2. lol im only here until the 11th :p

  3. who said Seattle is dead anyways?!

  4. It’s the name of a song. ‘Seattle is Dead’ and I just used that :p

  5. hey dear! i missed u soo much! R u gonna study in Michigan? coz Reda will fallow u there! he is gonna complete his studies there :S i wish both of u the best!

  6. when is he going there? omg thats so cool. its like everyone’s comin over there or something. I miss you too samia! *hugs* hows stuff? you doin ok? *missin bowling partner*

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