USA ::Back in Cali::

I was supposed to leave Washington state on the 11th in the late afternoon.  My grandmother and her husband Jack dropped me off at the airport at 3 in the afternoon. We check the schedule and everything seems to be going fine. I check in electronically and my family leaves. Within 25 minutes I’m waiting in front of the terminal that’s supposed to be where my flight’s to board.

4 O’clock rolls around and I’m just smitten at the fact that everything had gone on pretty smoothly. Then one guy shows up and he asks the room in general if we were told that our flight got canceled.

Of course we weren’t told.

We had to leave the boarding area and go back out to the ticket counter. I seriously can’t believe how bad the airports are here. It’s unbelievable. Seriously they should be way more organized.  I was fuming and ready to make them get me a nonstop flight to California. My original flight was supposed to take me from Seattle to Pheonix AZ and then from AZ to Santa Ana Cali.

45 minutes later and I finally get my turn.  I tell the lady my final destination and she goes off to the other computer and comes back with my ticket. A direct flight from Seattle to California. And the flight was going to board in 20 minutes.

I went through security for the second time with not hindrance and was at my new terminal with ten minutes to spare. After that everything went smoothly. The people are so nice here.

Funny thing though. I was supposed to arrive in Cali at 11pm I arrived at 8:30.  That was so nice except for the small detail that my friend who was to pick me up wouldn’t finish work until 10:30 at the earliest. So I had to keep myself busy until then which wasn’t much of a problem.


4 Responses to “USA ::Back in Cali::”

  1. Too bad we didn’t get to meet 😦 maybe when I visit cali 🙂 soon

  2. ah hehehe… in an american airport too? weird…hmm… i should call you soon.. hope youve taken lots of pictures!

  3. Holy wow, you’ve been around. I feel sorry about the bus incident, although I’m glad that I can’t empathize.

  4. Wow… I feel sorry about this and the bus incident… I’ve had more travelling problems in the past three days than I can ever remember in my life and I’m hoping it won’t happen again anytime soon (it’s all in my blog, I’m too lazy to type it out again)

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