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Adventure ::Tornado, Mailbox Down!, and First Day of School::

Posted in Work Arama on Monday, August 27, 2007 by dragonsvamp

A few days ago, Friday I believe it was, I had offered to drive with my friend’s dad and her siblings to Kroger’s to get some milk. It was my first drive out with my very own car.

We arrive and I park and the alarm goes off for the tornado Alert or whatever they call it. My friend’s dad turned on the radio and they were talking about how there was a tornado a few miles away from us and that my area was supposed to be right in the way of the tornado. So it told us to stay indoors until after 6:15. It was after 5 at the time.

They went into the store real quick and brought the milk. By that time it was raining heavily. One of my friend’s siblings started freaking out and begging his dad to take over and drive us back. We didn’t listen to him.

I missed our turn and it was raining really bad. I had to drive into a driveway and back out onto the one lane street to turn around. That didn’t work out. Instead I backed into a mailbox. The kids in the car were really freaking out by now.

After that my friend’s dad took over and drove us back. It was a good thing because right after that it rained like there was no tomorrow. We couldn’t see anything past the dashboard. It was that bad.The tornado from what we were told went along the street parallel to ours. We got back safely and in one piece though the car has a tiny dent on the edge of the trunk.

First time I drive it and I hit it against something. That’s just great isn’t it?

I was told though that it’s not tornado season here. Very interesting. Well that was still quite and adventure. My first tornado incident I guess. Freaky but kinda cool at the same time though.

Anyways, today was the first day of school. I have been working at the school for a week now and must say that I am entirely enjoying it. Today was half day and though it was it was very hectic and seemed to drag on for too long. Only 13 of our 19 kindergartners showed up. The rest will probably show up tomorrow I believe.

Though I am happy in what I am doing right now I am really looking forward to Labor Day weekend. We’re getting the Friday before as well as the Monday of off. So that’s really good.

I really like the togetherness of the staff in the school I work at. It’s just so nice to feel like getting up and going to work. We’ll see if that changes though. But from what I see I doubt it will.


USA ::Update::

Posted in Home Sweet Home on Friday, August 24, 2007 by dragonsvamp

It’s already been three weeks since I arrived. Time has gone by so quickly that I haven’t even noticed. It’s a weird feeling being back here. It almost feels as though I had never left the states. That my four years in Jordan could have been a really long nightmarish dream. SubhanAllah.

Anyways, though I have done quite a bit since I got here it felt as though I was not doing enough and I found myself getting bored. I kept bugging my friend about needing to get a job to keep myself busy. And needless to say I think I started panicking over a few things that mainly concerned me spending so much money when I had no job to bring anything in to balance out the spending. 

Anyways, about a week or so ago I went to an Islamic Relief sponsered concert. It featured Native Deen, Sami Yusif, Hamza Robertson, and some Allah Made Me Funny comedian whose first name was Mo. The concert was held in Detroit in a really nice theater which was built in the early 1900’s. I’ll put up some pictures later on hopefully. I really enjoyed the whole event.

All my friends know that I can’t stand Sami Yusif. To me he is too boring and all his songs sound the same. I had expected him to impress me for some reason and I was expecting him to make me rethink my not liking him. But he turned out to affirm my dislike for his music. I must say though that his instrumental playing abilities are amazing but his singing was mainly mumbled and he didn’t interact with the audiance as well as he could have. He’s great for people who like his style of music but I must say I was very disappointed.

Moving on.  Hamza Robertson is a new voice and talent. He is European born I believe and embraced Islam about three years ago. His music was alright. I can see he has talent though I think working so closely with Sami Yusif has kind of made Robertson a bit more of a copy-cat than actually shining through as a original talent. I think once he grows and develops with his art he will want to stand out a bit more and work on making his stuff different. I bought his cd though and got it signed. He seemed like a nice person.

Mo wasn’t as funny as he could have been. Thats all I can say about him. He did however do a good job in introducing everyone and had a decent voice for master of whatever he was titled.

Now Native Deen, though not the stars of the show, made the night for me. They were amazing.  They did a good job interacting with the audiance and keeping everyone intertained.

The live band was amazing as well. All in all a very intertaining evening. Even though some idiot kid decided to pull the fire alarm and made us evacuate the building when we had about half an hour left for the concert.

Moving on.

I got a job at the local Muslim school here. It’s called Genesee Acadamy. Very professional and well organized. I started yesterday. I will be working as a teacher’s assistant in the kindergarten class. So far I’ve hit it off pretty well with the teacher for that class and we’ve been busy preparing classroom. School starts on Monday. I’m pretty excited.

Also, I should be getting my car either today or tomorrow. Can’t wait to start training on it. I won’t be able to drive it on my own until I pass the driving test.. I already took the written one and passed as I believe I said in the previous post. I need to wait until the 9th of September though to take the driven part of the test. Until then I have my permit and am allowed to drive with an adult.

I must say my life is finally beginning to get more busy. It’s about time. I’m planning on volunteering at the local deaf school and want to check out their gyms here. That I’ll be doing after I get my car and liscence inshaAllah.

USA ::Michigan At Last::

Posted in Home Sweet Home on Friday, August 10, 2007 by dragonsvamp

PHEW! It’s about time I got here. Been in California from the 28th of June til the 1st of August. It was a nice vacation where I spent quite a bit of money but I guess splurging everyonce in a while is okay.

I almost missed my flight leaving to Georgia and then onto Michigan. I had never thought it was true in movies when people would run through the airport and buy their ticket and get on their flight all within a few minutes of the airplane leaving. Apparently it is possible. Because of certain odd out of this world events that almost made me miss my flight, I arrived at the airport litterally 30 minutes before my flight was scheduled to depart. A close shave if there ever was one I must add.

Well now I’m finally here. It’s hot, muggy, and humid but thats okay since we have air conditioning almost everywhere. My friend’s mom told me there’s a saying in Michigan ‘If you don’t like the weather here then stick around’. So though I am not a fan of this weather I’m being told constently that it’ll get much cooler soon. Either way I’m not going to fret over it because I’d way rather this than be back in Jordan going through the heat wave they are getting at the moment.

 I took my written driving test today. Passed with flying colors I might add. Though at the time I guess I had made myself expect the worst. The questions were pretty easy so it’s a good thing, I guess, that I had expected it to be harder. But of course I made myself worry way too much before I took it. Thank God that’s over and done with. Now I have my permit and can legally drive for the first time. I got to practice for 30 days before I can take the actual driving test though. Fun, fun.

I can’t wait to drive. I’ve been itching to drive ever since I left Jordan. I even presuaded a friend to let me drive the mustang just around the corner on July 4th but that five minutes was all I got in the past month and a half.

Can’t wait to get my own car.