USA ::Michigan At Last::

PHEW! It’s about time I got here. Been in California from the 28th of June til the 1st of August. It was a nice vacation where I spent quite a bit of money but I guess splurging everyonce in a while is okay.

I almost missed my flight leaving to Georgia and then onto Michigan. I had never thought it was true in movies when people would run through the airport and buy their ticket and get on their flight all within a few minutes of the airplane leaving. Apparently it is possible. Because of certain odd out of this world events that almost made me miss my flight, I arrived at the airport litterally 30 minutes before my flight was scheduled to depart. A close shave if there ever was one I must add.

Well now I’m finally here. It’s hot, muggy, and humid but thats okay since we have air conditioning almost everywhere. My friend’s mom told me there’s a saying in Michigan ‘If you don’t like the weather here then stick around’. So though I am not a fan of this weather I’m being told constently that it’ll get much cooler soon. Either way I’m not going to fret over it because I’d way rather this than be back in Jordan going through the heat wave they are getting at the moment.

 I took my written driving test today. Passed with flying colors I might add. Though at the time I guess I had made myself expect the worst. The questions were pretty easy so it’s a good thing, I guess, that I had expected it to be harder. But of course I made myself worry way too much before I took it. Thank God that’s over and done with. Now I have my permit and can legally drive for the first time. I got to practice for 30 days before I can take the actual driving test though. Fun, fun.

I can’t wait to drive. I’ve been itching to drive ever since I left Jordan. I even presuaded a friend to let me drive the mustang just around the corner on July 4th but that five minutes was all I got in the past month and a half.

Can’t wait to get my own car.


7 Responses to “USA ::Michigan At Last::”

  1. Cars rule! Congrats on passing the written! And congrats on getting back home, too. 🙂


  2. I’m glad you got there safely. Yay for driving! I can’t wait to get my own car, too. I should have been working this summer to save for it, but I’m just going to get a job at school when it starts. Hopefully we can see you again soon!

  3. YAY! Congrats… I miss you loads *puppy eyes*

  4. congrats on the test and glad you made it there safely! weeee I got your text message, I’ll try calling you tomorrow. By the time I got the message, I was tired and in a rather foul mood after getting off one of those WILLTHISNEVER*Expletivedeleted*END!?!?! days of work. Bleh, yeah, I hate my job. Anyway! Love and hugs! I will be speaking with you soon. I shall stalk you on the phone until we do so. :O

  5. Hamdililah assalaameh! I’m laughing, isn’t overspending part of the American way? I haven’t commented lately, sorry, but enjoyed your stories. Praying for you as you re-acclimate to America. 🙂

  6. are you okay? you’re missed

  7. Hats off to the driving teacher too!!! Good girl!!

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