Adventure ::Tornado, Mailbox Down!, and First Day of School::

A few days ago, Friday I believe it was, I had offered to drive with my friend’s dad and her siblings to Kroger’s to get some milk. It was my first drive out with my very own car.

We arrive and I park and the alarm goes off for the tornado Alert or whatever they call it. My friend’s dad turned on the radio and they were talking about how there was a tornado a few miles away from us and that my area was supposed to be right in the way of the tornado. So it told us to stay indoors until after 6:15. It was after 5 at the time.

They went into the store real quick and brought the milk. By that time it was raining heavily. One of my friend’s siblings started freaking out and begging his dad to take over and drive us back. We didn’t listen to him.

I missed our turn and it was raining really bad. I had to drive into a driveway and back out onto the one lane street to turn around. That didn’t work out. Instead I backed into a mailbox. The kids in the car were really freaking out by now.

After that my friend’s dad took over and drove us back. It was a good thing because right after that it rained like there was no tomorrow. We couldn’t see anything past the dashboard. It was that bad.The tornado from what we were told went along the street parallel to ours. We got back safely and in one piece though the car has a tiny dent on the edge of the trunk.

First time I drive it and I hit it against something. That’s just great isn’t it?

I was told though that it’s not tornado season here. Very interesting. Well that was still quite and adventure. My first tornado incident I guess. Freaky but kinda cool at the same time though.

Anyways, today was the first day of school. I have been working at the school for a week now and must say that I am entirely enjoying it. Today was half day and though it was it was very hectic and seemed to drag on for too long. Only 13 of our 19 kindergartners showed up. The rest will probably show up tomorrow I believe.

Though I am happy in what I am doing right now I am really looking forward to Labor Day weekend. We’re getting the Friday before as well as the Monday of off. So that’s really good.

I really like the togetherness of the staff in the school I work at. It’s just so nice to feel like getting up and going to work. We’ll see if that changes though. But from what I see I doubt it will.


7 Responses to “Adventure ::Tornado, Mailbox Down!, and First Day of School::”

  1. Quite the adventure!!

  2. Quite the adventure!

  3. I’m glad you survived a tornado! What kind of car did you get??

  4. It’s a buick park avenue 92. maroon colored :p

  5. That must have been awesome. Well, probably not at the time, but in retrospect, it sounded cool. At least now you can tell the amazing story of how you battled a tornado and won to all your other friends.

  6. Tornados are a bit scary, but at least you know they are coming. Glad you are well!!

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