USA ::Ramadan, Moving Out, and Driving Test::

Michigan has really odd weather I tell ya. Seriously, it keeps changing and can’t decide what to do. I can understand it because summer is almost over and fall is trying to barge in while summer is refusing to leave. But that leaves us with half the week sweltering hot and the other half freezing cold. Today is one of the cold days. It’s beautiful but it’s cold!

Anyways, I’ll be happy when it settles down and decides which it’s to follow: summer or fall and I already know the answer to that so I guess I’ll just have to wait and be patient until summer gives up and goes to sleep.

Ramadan started 2 days ago. In the past four years I hadn’t looked forward to Ramadan as much as I did this year. And so far it’s going really nicely. Apart from the fact that we are fasting around 14 hours a day, which I’m not used to because where I come from we break our fast between 5 and 6 pm. Here sunset isn’t until 8pm. But so far so good. I’m really loving it!

I am currently moving out into my own place. I have been living with my friend’s family for over a month now and we all agree that it’s time I got my own place, since I’m a bit too different in my ways than them. That’s ok. Mainly it’s just the space issue. I don’t have my space and they don’t have theirs. I am moving into a studio apartment down the street from my friend. Super close to them but where we both have our own personal space (yes I’m big on that). Besides I’ll have wireless and then no excuse about my blogging. I’m really excited about moving out. But before I can do that I need to pass my driving test.

Ahhhh what a wonderful thing: driving examinations. Everyone pretty  much scared the hell out of me about it. At work they’re all telling me how their kid’s failed it the first time or telling me about how hard it was for them when they had taken it 5, 10, or 50 years ago.

But thats okay. I wasn’t worried about the actually on road test I was worried about the parking pre-test. The one where if you failed it you can’t go on the road until you schedule and pay for a new examination. Yup it’s all a money making scam.

Now regular parking is perfectly fine with me but backing into a parking spot and parallel parking… I’ve never had reason to do them before. Thank God I had a single chance a few days ago to practice backing into a parking spot. My friend’s mom went to a gardening place where they sell plants and whatnot and I decided to stay in the car and practice on my own. After a few tries I got it down pat. I wasn’t too worried about that anymore. But honestly if I had gone and taken that test without practicing this I would have definitely failed the first part of the test.

But I never got a chance to practice parellel parking until a few minutes before I was to go for my test yesterday afternoon. It’s funny. I practiced it while my friend’s mom was getting ready. So maybe 10 minutes max.

So I go to my test at 4:45 with a third party examinor (the secretary of state stopped administering the tests themselves- another money making scam). And off I went.

The parking part of the test allowed you 6 error points before failing you. I got 6. But at least I passed even if it was ‘just’.

Then the driving test. Honestly I would not have passed myself. I drove so terribly for some reason and I wont be boasting if I said that I think I drive pretty darn well. I wasn’t really nervous but…well I guess I was. It’s weird. No butterflies in the stomach. No dry mouth. Just too much focusing. So I forgot my first signal for a turn. and I almost went up the curb when I was making another right turn. But I guess that wasn’t enough to fail me.

In other words I passed.

What a relief.

Now I’m just waiting for everyone to get ready so that we can go to the secretary of state and get my stuff done to get my driver liscence. Thank God they’re open on Saturdays.

After that all I’ve got to do is get insurance for my car and I can move out!


7 Responses to “USA ::Ramadan, Moving Out, and Driving Test::”

  1. Ramadan mobarak 1st of all
    2nd u reminded of my own driving test lool! its was on ramdan too! and i missed pretty bad coz i couldnt calculate the spaces in the real driving test field than the training one! soi ended parking on the pavement lol!
    any glad thats ist over for u MABROUK 😛

  2. Ramadan Kareem K, I miss you 🙂 Glad that you’re enjoying the US

  3. Whoohooo! Way to go Kloude! You gotta send me piccies soon 😉

  4. Assalamu alaykum,

    Mabrouk on the driving test! Great news. I think everyone kind of blows it even if they have tons of practice. It is just so nerve racking. And the lady I had was kind of creepy. Anyhow, glad to see you blogging again. Been missing your news. Salam, Um Omar and Ramadan Mubarak.

  5. hey, not everyone involved was happy!!!!!!!!!!
    but yeah, inshaalah you’ll be happier…

  6. Congrats on passing the driver’s test! I’m taking Driver’s Ed myself right now, so I’ll get my permit in December. But that’s not as awesome as you. Good job on passing, and enjoy your ability to legally go wherever you want!

  7. Like 12 later and no updates! but you have internet all the time, so how come we dont hear from you more… blog girl!

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