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MI ::Inhumane Society::

Posted in Michigan on Sunday, October 21, 2007 by dragonsvamp

Yesterday I went with my friend and her family to the Humane Society. They wanted to adopt a kitten. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to a pound. It was beautiful but so sad. I wanted to adopt all the animals so that they wouldn’t have to stay there for any longer.

The dogs were just adorable. They barked up a storm whenever anyone came in. They begged you to take them home with you. The cats just stared lazily out at you. They knew you’d just pass them and not think twice about them. They had given up at getting adopted.

There was even a dwarf hamster. Very cute and grey and tiny. They also had two gerbles- a black and a white one- which my friend quickly claimed.

The small cages had clipboards attached to them with information about the animals within the cages. It’s really sad when some of the reasons why those animals were in there were stuff like ‘no time’ (how can you not have time for a hamster?) or ‘too busy’ or the like.

My friend’s family chose a two year old black and white cat named ‘stang’.  Another cat that quickly caught my attention was Lola. She is a one year old with a tortoise shell covering. And when I held her she just purred and purred and purred. I was so tempted to take her.  I still am tempted to go back and get her. I can’t stop thinking about poor Lola.

Right before we left the Human Society a group of four teenagers came in with a tiny grey kitten. The girl holding the kitten was worried. Her friend, a guy, had ‘borrowed’ the kitten from a thirteen year old neighbor who had tortured the kitten. He, being an animal, lover couldn’t just let the 13 year old girl burn off the poor kitten’s eyelashes and fur off without doing something about it.  They were worried that they could get in trouble for ‘stealing’ the kitten and bringing it to the Humane Society but they weren’t about to just let the situation keep going either.

That was so sweet of them. I can’t believe the thirteen year old though. It’s just so sad how inhumane our world has become. But at least there’s hope that comes in the form of those teenagers (who could have cared less and turned the other cheek on this situation) who went out of their way to save a poor little kitten from torture.


MI ::First the Deer and then the Mole, what next?::

Posted in Michigan on Thursday, October 11, 2007 by dragonsvamp

I didn’t have any internet connection for two days now. Thank God it’s back because I was almost hyperventilating.

Two days ago I was driving home from the Mosque at like 11 at night. It’s this one long stretch of street I drive down to go to my house. So I was cruising when I notice an SUV on the side of the road. Then I saw a Muslim lady standing right in front of her headlights. In a split second I decide to stop and see if she needed any help. So I stop ahead of her and reverse since I was quite a ways from her.

I get out and walk up to her. I asked her if everything was alright. She shook her head and told me she had just hit a deer. She was like the deer had run into the side of the street into the dark after she had hit it and she was sure she had killed it but couldn’t see anything since it was so dark and the grass was pretty high up (it came up to my waist).

I asked if I could help with anything and she said that her cell phone had just died. Today of all days it would die on her when she needed it most. I let her borrow mine. She called 911 and I waited with her till the police arrived.

Man that must suck to hit and kill an animal. I had a close call a few weeks ago with a squirrel. I had to screech to a halt but it got out of the way in time. There’s more than enough roadkill as it is. It’s terrible here. I swear I see at least two a day just going to work and my drive to work is only 5 minutes. It’s bad here and usually you’ll see skunks, squirrels, badgers, raccoons and the like being hit with the occasional deer.

Very sad.

Yesterday, I woke up to find a baby mole lying almost dead next to my humidifier. At first glance I thought it was a dead mouse but upon closer inspection it proved to be a baby mole. It was so cute.

But because I thought it was dead I took it outside. But it moved a little and so I realized it was alive and I brought it back in. I got a small hand towel and tucked it in and decided to figure out what I’d do with it later on. I placed him and the bundle of towel inside the ring of duck-tape on the table. It was barely moving so I figured it would be okay there.

A little while later I go to check on the mole and he’s disappeared. Completely and utterly gone with not a trace. I couldn’t find him anywhere at all. The only proof I have of ever having it around is the picture I took of it when i first found it. And that is fuzzy at most.

Mr. Mole

Random ::The End of Ramadan and Rejection::

Posted in RandomVille on Tuesday, October 9, 2007 by dragonsvamp

Four more days and Ramadan will be over. This Ramadan was the best I’ve had in the four years. I must say it’s mainly because I’m not in Jordan where everyone’s trying to be so Americanized that they throw aside their holidays for the western ones (i.e. christmas and the like).

It’s so important here in the Muslim community. I just love how they’re going out of their way to make this month as memorable as possible. Seriously, since we only have to major holidays over the space of a year.

Fasting isn’t as hard either. I’m up from right after six in the morning and am at work until at least 4 everyday (sometimes if I’m doing the after school program I stay until around 6pm) and without food or water it should be super hard. Not really.

I don’t even have time to think of food even if I’m looking after my students while they’re at lunch. The day just goes by way too fast for me to even give food or water a second thought.

It’s just so nice and four days left before it’s over until next year.

On another note, I applied to California State University Long Beach a month or so ago. All my friends from high school are going there and were like I’d have no problem getting in. For over a month all i heard from them was a letter letting me know that they had received my papers and information.

I got a letter from them on Saturday and yup you guessed it. They rejected me. Didn’t say why. Though I don’t expect them to.

Looking at the bright side, as one of my good friend’s would usually tell me to do: at least I don’t have to worry about the added choices. It narrows down my options which is a good thing considering I’m a sucker when it comes to making decisions.

I now know I will most likely stay where I’m at for the time being and so I might as well get my residency done and stuff so that I don’t have to pay out of state tuition at U of M. I just have to be here in Michigan for a straight year and then I should be concidered a resident.

At least now I won’t be leaving a job I absolutly love only after a few months after getting it.

It’s depressing though not getting accepted.

MI ::Weather::

Posted in Michigan on Tuesday, October 2, 2007 by dragonsvamp

There’s a saying here that goes ‘If you don’t like the weather in Michigan then stick around.’

I was told that the first time I complained about how humid and hot it was when I arrived here in the beginning of August. Now almost two months later the weather has taken a completely opposite turn.

The trees are all changing color. Some overnight. I’d see a tree on my way to work one day all green and then the next day all orange and red and yellow.

Being from Southern California this is all quite new to me. We only had evergreens in So Cal and if we didn’t those other trees rarely ever turned color. It just didn’t get cold enough there I guess.

The weather here is getting chilly. Today it rained all day. I haven’t seen so much water in what? four years. Maybe even more because it doesn’t rain like this in California. Just a never ending shower of light rain.

And this is nothing if what I hear about this area is true.

They do need to work on the road work though. There are puddles everywhere. And I thought I had gotten away from that when I left Jordan. Oh No, nope not to be the case.

Anyways I won’t bore you with talk of the weather. Just wanted to note that the weather is steadily changing and I must say I’m liking this new Michigan more and more as it keeps on getting cooler and more colorful.

Welcome on in Ms. Autumn! *grandly flourishes arms*