MI ::Weather::

There’s a saying here that goes ‘If you don’t like the weather in Michigan then stick around.’

I was told that the first time I complained about how humid and hot it was when I arrived here in the beginning of August. Now almost two months later the weather has taken a completely opposite turn.

The trees are all changing color. Some overnight. I’d see a tree on my way to work one day all green and then the next day all orange and red and yellow.

Being from Southern California this is all quite new to me. We only had evergreens in So Cal and if we didn’t those other trees rarely ever turned color. It just didn’t get cold enough there I guess.

The weather here is getting chilly. Today it rained all day. I haven’t seen so much water in what? four years. Maybe even more because it doesn’t rain like this in California. Just a never ending shower of light rain.

And this is nothing if what I hear about this area is true.

They do need to work on the road work though. There are puddles everywhere. And I thought I had gotten away from that when I left Jordan. Oh No, nope not to be the case.

Anyways I won’t bore you with talk of the weather. Just wanted to note that the weather is steadily changing and I must say I’m liking this new Michigan more and more as it keeps on getting cooler and more colorful.

Welcome on in Ms. Autumn! *grandly flourishes arms*


5 Responses to “MI ::Weather::”

  1. thats the way here is, it was even better in the 90’s. at least mid and north areas are still in the old ways lol

  2. …it hit 91 today. and 95 yesterday. and soon the winds will start blowing…oooh, Southern California.

    and being in hazy, polluted, disgusting Redlands makes it all that much better. hooray.

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of Midwest-style weather… trust me; MI ain’t got nothin’ on Indy. 😉 It’s pretty typical of the Midwest, from what I’ve seen. And the shoddy roads are to be expected – Indy was potholes galore. Comes with the weather, I guess…

    To Madison: I envy you. I really envy you. I think I’d do just about anything to get back to Southern California… can we swap places?!

  4. Sam:

    only if we switch back for the period of time with horrible amounts of snow…I’m a Californian. I have thin blood. But if you want to be in Redlands, hitting 95F in October with all the pollution from LA that’s trapped by the mountains, be my guest. *bows*

  5. *hugs to both madison and sam*

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