Random ::The End of Ramadan and Rejection::

Four more days and Ramadan will be over. This Ramadan was the best I’ve had in the four years. I must say it’s mainly because I’m not in Jordan where everyone’s trying to be so Americanized that they throw aside their holidays for the western ones (i.e. christmas and the like).

It’s so important here in the Muslim community. I just love how they’re going out of their way to make this month as memorable as possible. Seriously, since we only have to major holidays over the space of a year.

Fasting isn’t as hard either. I’m up from right after six in the morning and am at work until at least 4 everyday (sometimes if I’m doing the after school program I stay until around 6pm) and without food or water it should be super hard. Not really.

I don’t even have time to think of food even if I’m looking after my students while they’re at lunch. The day just goes by way too fast for me to even give food or water a second thought.

It’s just so nice and four days left before it’s over until next year.

On another note, I applied to California State University Long Beach a month or so ago. All my friends from high school are going there and were like I’d have no problem getting in. For over a month all i heard from them was a letter letting me know that they had received my papers and information.

I got a letter from them on Saturday and yup you guessed it. They rejected me. Didn’t say why. Though I don’t expect them to.

Looking at the bright side, as one of my good friend’s would usually tell me to do: at least I don’t have to worry about the added choices. It narrows down my options which is a good thing considering I’m a sucker when it comes to making decisions.

I now know I will most likely stay where I’m at for the time being and so I might as well get my residency done and stuff so that I don’t have to pay out of state tuition at U of M. I just have to be here in Michigan for a straight year and then I should be concidered a resident.

At least now I won’t be leaving a job I absolutly love only after a few months after getting it.

It’s depressing though not getting accepted.


10 Responses to “Random ::The End of Ramadan and Rejection::”

  1. Living in michigan for one year does not in itself grant you residency status at UM. From what I understand the status you apply under and are accepted as remains for your duration of study. This might be different in Flint, but this is what I beleive is the case in AA. Even those who apply as out of state due to F1 visa and later get a green card remain out of state. Each university in the state of Michigan is afforded under state law to set it own rules regarding residency status for tuition.

  2. yeah i know that but i know people who have been able to change their status. besides im not just living here. i’m working and showing that i’m pretty much peremenantly going to be staying here. i checked it out and all and from what i’m doing now i’ll most likely be able to get residency when the year’s completed. thing is they’re making it really hard because of all the budget cuts they’re getting from the government. stupid gov.

  3. One of the girls in my masters program was an alumni of U of M, she was the youngest in our program, just thought I’d say that!

  4. *hugs* yeah, it hurts to be rejected, even if it works out better that way. even while I’m preparing to graduate from Redlands in May it still sometimes hurts that I didn’t get into UCI like I had wanted. the undergrad creative writing program at Redlands is technically better than UCI’s and all, but still…yeah. after I was rejected from UCI, everyone asked me why, what did they say, etc. you don’t get to know, you just get to guess (my guess for uci…pchs coursework and my math scores on SAT). I think those questions made me more depressed than actually getting rejected. sounds like you have a lot going for you in Michigan, though. you have an awesome job and a great community, a car, you’re working on residency… 😉 hang in there. glad to hear Ramadan has gone well this year.

  5. Salam, bummer about CA, but that is Allah’s plan. Keep yourself on track with your job and life in MI. Get used to all the weather changes there and you will learn if you really want to stay there or not. Allah knows best. Glad to see you posting again…I keep checking and now there is something to read! K Noor

  6. aw Khuloud, i’m sorry about csulb 😦 but at least you have a great job and a place to live in Michigan. but pleaseeee come visit us soon ok? i miss you!!!

  7. Ooh poor baby, did you honestly think that you would go thru life without any rejections? Just adds to your character and makes decision making a little bit easier! Its nice to see that Muslims in other parts of the world can actually function full speed ahead, even in Ramadan! Not like the wussies here who must have half the day off to…..be lazy?… take extra vacation time?… ummm, sleep so that they can go to the smoke out tents all night!! Meanwhile they paralyze the whole country while it goes into a financial free fall. Oh, that must be why the prices go up…to offset the losses in every other spectrum of society, so they gauge the ppl with higher food prices!! Personally, I would rather be busy to let the day go faster than sittin watchin the clock tick by tock, minute by minute!!

  8. they rejected you? how lame… it is like racial or because you’re muslim?

  9. they dont know that i’m muslim nor do they know my race. they never tell you why too. So I have no idea why they didn’t accept me

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