MI ::First the Deer and then the Mole, what next?::

I didn’t have any internet connection for two days now. Thank God it’s back because I was almost hyperventilating.

Two days ago I was driving home from the Mosque at like 11 at night. It’s this one long stretch of street I drive down to go to my house. So I was cruising when I notice an SUV on the side of the road. Then I saw a Muslim lady standing right in front of her headlights. In a split second I decide to stop and see if she needed any help. So I stop ahead of her and reverse since I was quite a ways from her.

I get out and walk up to her. I asked her if everything was alright. She shook her head and told me she had just hit a deer. She was like the deer had run into the side of the street into the dark after she had hit it and she was sure she had killed it but couldn’t see anything since it was so dark and the grass was pretty high up (it came up to my waist).

I asked if I could help with anything and she said that her cell phone had just died. Today of all days it would die on her when she needed it most. I let her borrow mine. She called 911 and I waited with her till the police arrived.

Man that must suck to hit and kill an animal. I had a close call a few weeks ago with a squirrel. I had to screech to a halt but it got out of the way in time. There’s more than enough roadkill as it is. It’s terrible here. I swear I see at least two a day just going to work and my drive to work is only 5 minutes. It’s bad here and usually you’ll see skunks, squirrels, badgers, raccoons and the like being hit with the occasional deer.

Very sad.

Yesterday, I woke up to find a baby mole lying almost dead next to my humidifier. At first glance I thought it was a dead mouse but upon closer inspection it proved to be a baby mole. It was so cute.

But because I thought it was dead I took it outside. But it moved a little and so I realized it was alive and I brought it back in. I got a small hand towel and tucked it in and decided to figure out what I’d do with it later on. I placed him and the bundle of towel inside the ring of duck-tape on the table. It was barely moving so I figured it would be okay there.

A little while later I go to check on the mole and he’s disappeared. Completely and utterly gone with not a trace. I couldn’t find him anywhere at all. The only proof I have of ever having it around is the picture I took of it when i first found it. And that is fuzzy at most.

Mr. Mole


4 Responses to “MI ::First the Deer and then the Mole, what next?::”

  1. yeah i know about roadkill……being my area and all. plus i had a tramatic experience running over a bird with my bike when i was 6….

    poor mole, i remember my friend stevens in middle school let one run wild in the halls, chaos and good times stupid people, its just a mole lol.

  2. damn šŸ˜¦ that’s sad! I feel sorry for the animals šŸ˜¦

  3. You live in a mole hole or what??? Hee hee. Reminds me of the stories of Ms. Potter. I hope you don’t find him in another odd place. Eid Mubarak. K Noor

  4. yeah it does remind one of beatrix… ill bet next time the mole mommy will stop by in a bue apron with a basket of thistle loaf for you

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