MI ::Inhumane Society::

Yesterday I went with my friend and her family to the Humane Society. They wanted to adopt a kitten. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to a pound. It was beautiful but so sad. I wanted to adopt all the animals so that they wouldn’t have to stay there for any longer.

The dogs were just adorable. They barked up a storm whenever anyone came in. They begged you to take them home with you. The cats just stared lazily out at you. They knew you’d just pass them and not think twice about them. They had given up at getting adopted.

There was even a dwarf hamster. Very cute and grey and tiny. They also had two gerbles- a black and a white one- which my friend quickly claimed.

The small cages had clipboards attached to them with information about the animals within the cages. It’s really sad when some of the reasons why those animals were in there were stuff like ‘no time’ (how can you not have time for a hamster?) or ‘too busy’ or the like.

My friend’s family chose a two year old black and white cat named ‘stang’.  Another cat that quickly caught my attention was Lola. She is a one year old with a tortoise shell covering. And when I held her she just purred and purred and purred. I was so tempted to take her.  I still am tempted to go back and get her. I can’t stop thinking about poor Lola.

Right before we left the Human Society a group of four teenagers came in with a tiny grey kitten. The girl holding the kitten was worried. Her friend, a guy, had ‘borrowed’ the kitten from a thirteen year old neighbor who had tortured the kitten. He, being an animal, lover couldn’t just let the 13 year old girl burn off the poor kitten’s eyelashes and fur off without doing something about it.  They were worried that they could get in trouble for ‘stealing’ the kitten and bringing it to the Humane Society but they weren’t about to just let the situation keep going either.

That was so sweet of them. I can’t believe the thirteen year old though. It’s just so sad how inhumane our world has become. But at least there’s hope that comes in the form of those teenagers (who could have cared less and turned the other cheek on this situation) who went out of their way to save a poor little kitten from torture.


3 Responses to “MI ::Inhumane Society::”

  1. awww… so when do you decied!

  2. What’s really sad is knowing that the animals that aren’t cute enough to be adopted get put down.

    How can you not have time for a cat, either? They sleep for like, 20 hours a day.

  3. People make me ill. It’s our duty to care for and love those who can’t speak (meow, moo, bark… whatever) for themselves.

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