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Zoom! ::NC, Snow, and OH::

Posted in Travel on Saturday, November 24, 2007 by dragonsvamp

Last weekend I went to North Carolina for the weekend. I wanted to check it out there and get a change of scenery. It was beautiful. In this time of the year, in Michigan, the trees are already bare and everything looks barren. The only color you have are from the few and far between evergreens speckling the area and the grass.

When I was in North Carolina the leaves were still on the trees. But oh man the colors. It was all so bright and distinctive. Sharp reds, bright oranges, crisp browns, soft yellows, and the occasional green. The trees themselves were usually completely one color. And there were barely any leaves on the floor. It was amazing.

I went to the park. It was breathtaking. There was a large pond in the middle of the park and trees all over the place. It was such a nice weekend. I just chilled. Did nothing and thought of nothing. And so when I got back to work on Monday (and only had a three day week because of Thanksgiving holiday) I was so charged. The week went by so quickly. And on Wednesday it was said that it would snow in the night and we’d have a white Thanksgiving.

And then it was Thanksgiving weekend. The weekend I was to drive down 4 hours to Ohio to see my long time friend. A friend I had met in Jordan and who was going to college in Ohio.

The drive lasted five hours. I left right after work on Wednesday. I was very worried that I’d get lost and not find my way back to her place. But though I did miss one of my exits to another highway I realized it then miles away and was able to just turn around and go back without a problem.

It rained like crazy most of the time and I had bad terrible traffic for about an hour but other than that it was a breeze. I got to my friend’s house around 9:30. It felt good getting out of the car. I thought it would be hard for me to drive for that long all by my self. But I love driving and so it wasn’t much of a problem. I got tired half way through the drive but I had the new Native Deen album, Not Afraid To Stand Alone, blasting and that kept me awake.

It’s so nice seeing my friend. I hadn’t seen her much in the past year and half because most of it she was in Ohio when I was still in Jordan and when she went to Jordan for the summer I left.

Thanksgiving morning, we woke up to a beautiful white carpet covering the whole area. It was only about two inches but it was so pretty. My friend is living with her American grandparents and so we had a very tasty thanksgiving dinner.

Now I’m hanging out with my friend and her friends. Went shopping on Black friday and just chilling.

I’ll be going back to Michigan on Sunday afternoon. Hope the drive back will be smooth.

It’ll be weird getting back to the normal schedule after two weekends of vacationing. At least we have about four weeks until winter break.

MI ::Mice LOVE Chocolate::

Posted in Michigan with tags on Sunday, November 11, 2007 by dragonsvamp

I came home today from a school sponsered event (Black and White Ball) to find that some mice have been in my chocolate!

I had a small ziplock with a few unwrapped hersheys kisses and some m&ms on top of my small fridge and when I got home I found that all the kisses were gone and there were a few small holes in the bag.

So I come to the conclusion that mice like chocolate.

How do I know it’s a mouse? Well I know because I saw them before and because the owner of my apartment told me that I might have to set out a few mouse traps every now and then. I currently live in an apartment that is surrounded by a good amount of land and so it’s almost impossible not to have a rodent problem every now and then.

I still haven’t gotten the mouse traps so until then I have to deal with hearing them scratching about at night. Not very nice.

I can’t imagine myself killing them though. Even if they are all gross and I don’t know what. However, I totally wouldn’t mind getting myself a snake to get them for me. I doubt that would happen anytime soon though. And I doubt the snake would oblige me by catching them. It probably would expect me to keep it in it’s glass home and feed it frozen mice.

Oh well. I guess I just have to get the mousetraps and get it over with.

But I can say from now I’ll not be enjoying the process of checking for the dead mice and desposing of them.