MI ::Mice LOVE Chocolate::

I came home today from a school sponsered event (Black and White Ball) to find that some mice have been in my chocolate!

I had a small ziplock with a few unwrapped hersheys kisses and some m&ms on top of my small fridge and when I got home I found that all the kisses were gone and there were a few small holes in the bag.

So I come to the conclusion that mice like chocolate.

How do I know it’s a mouse? Well I know because I saw them before and because the owner of my apartment told me that I might have to set out a few mouse traps every now and then. I currently live in an apartment that is surrounded by a good amount of land and so it’s almost impossible not to have a rodent problem every now and then.

I still haven’t gotten the mouse traps so until then I have to deal with hearing them scratching about at night. Not very nice.

I can’t imagine myself killing them though. Even if they are all gross and I don’t know what. However, I totally wouldn’t mind getting myself a snake to get them for me. I doubt that would happen anytime soon though. And I doubt the snake would oblige me by catching them. It probably would expect me to keep it in it’s glass home and feed it frozen mice.

Oh well. I guess I just have to get the mousetraps and get it over with.

But I can say from now I’ll not be enjoying the process of checking for the dead mice and desposing of them.


4 Responses to “MI ::Mice LOVE Chocolate::”

  1. Oh… mice are cool, when they are dead you can always plug them into computers.

  2. Moey… haha! Listen, don’t kill them. They might make you lil’ tiny dresses 😛

  3. Awww. But mice are like so…so…


  4. i know they are so cute actually.and they were suprisingly super clean and sleek looking. but they so annoy me and wont let me sleep. it’s the area i’m in. too much empty land around her so you’re bound to have mice problems every winter or so.

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