MI ::Snow Storm::

 It began snowing really heavily this evening at around 7. It’s the first ‘snow storm’ here in Michigan for this winter. It just poured and poured and piled up and since there isn’t any work tomorrow not many bothered getting the roads cleared much. I was just checking the weather online and it said it should snow up to four inches tonight but I feel as though it’s already way past that.

I was at some friends and left at about midnight. My car was under a huge pile of snow. The weird thing is I wasn’t really freezing. I didn’t have my winter jacket on and as I was clearing away the snow off my car I didn’t feel too cold. I think that’s because there really wasn’t much wind blowing. So it was snowing all over me and it wasn’t melting as soon as it fell on me but I wasn’t very cold. 

I’ve already had days where the cold weather made my fingers feel as though they would fall off (not literally) but today wasn’t one of them thank God.

Anyways I think it was just beautiful. And the weather was perfect for a snowball fight. But no one wanted to go outside. It’s sad that it all should be melting tomorrow.

I really need to get myself a camera so I can take a picture of all this whiteness. I know this is my first year in an area where it snows (coming from California as it is; and Jordan doesn’t have snow compared to this!) so I’m all excited but seriously when I get sick of it thats fine but right now just let me have my fun in all of it’s newness!  


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