Press ::Sudan Pardons Gibbons::

When I heard of the whole problem in Sudan where a British teacher, Gillian Gibbons, allowed her students to name their teddy bear Muhammad I was shocked at how shallow people have become. I can’t believe there is an issue here! There are so many more important things to worry about. To make a big deal about naming a teddy bear after a Prophet is just so shallow and backwards (and mutakhalif).

How can anyone get mad at naming anything Muhammad? It’s just a name after all! And seriously it was something the children wanted. They’re seven years old! The Sudanese should be happy that their children wanted to name it Muhammad as opposed to some famous westerner like Spears or Paris. It at least shows that the children are still interested in their own culture and religion and aren’t trying to become westernized. The Sudanese should give Ms. Gibbons a medal or something.

To me this gives everyone else an extra excuse to look down on Muslims. If they are blowing up over something so simplistic then they must not be deep thinkers at all. And how could they be right in anyway when they are this shallow?

If it was an issue they could have just went up to Ms. Gibbons and asked her to change the name of the teddy bear. No big deal. But no! instead make a huge deal over something stupid.

That teddy bear probably deserves the name more than a lot of people I know named Muhammad who everyday dishonor the prophet’s (pbuh) name with their everyday actions of wrong doing and the like. At least the teddy bear isn’t able to go and commit immoral acts/crimes etc.

If it was up to me Ms. Gibbons would never have gotten into trouble more or less gone to jail for fifteen days. I just hope that this terrible experience of hers doesn’t put her off from teaching abroad. I am sure her students were really lucky to have her as their teacher and will really miss her now that she must leave them. I hope the next school to employ her will not give her a problem like this one has.


3 Responses to “Press ::Sudan Pardons Gibbons::”

  1. I just keep wondering, what happened to the poor teddy? Did they burn him? Is he having troubles adjusting with the whole name/change, what’s his name now? Is he applying for asylum status abroad?

  2. Thank you.. very well said ..
    I felt sad today when most of the morning programs discussed this issue and made a big deal out of it but at the same time they are not to blame, we keep providing the material ..

  3. omg why didn’t i think of that amino. Poor muhammad the teddy! where’s he now. I hope ms. Gibbons takes him with her.

    and noura. so true, so true.

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