Random ::Sick Day::

Yesterday I was so out of it I didn’t get out of bed all day. I was in bed for almost 30 hours I believe. But I woke up this morning feeling much better. I got dressed and went to pick up the kids I usually take to school everyday. Their mom was surprised to see me since I had told her that if I was feeling just as bad as yesterday then I would be skipping work. 

But I was feeling much better I told her. And so why stay at home? Her answer was simple. To rest. 

She was right. Within ten minutes of being at her place I almost blacked out. Couldn’t see in front of me for a couple minutes. But I blamed that minute of void to being in such a warm house after being outside in the cold.I made sure I was ok before I drove the kids to school. But I quickly realized that their mom had a valid point. I needed to rest a bit more. I got to work (at the school) and within the space of an hour I gave up. I was too out of it to be of any use besides I didn’t want to make everyone else sick there either. 

So now I’m home, done with registering for my college classes for next semester, and not knowing what to do. I’m probably gonna sleep for a couple of hours but other than that I’ll probably start kicking myself for leaving work. 

Man, I’m such a workaholic. 


4 Responses to “Random ::Sick Day::”

  1. I envy you and your workahol. Do you know what you have, or is it still a mystery disease?

  2. a friend and i’ve narrowed it down to two things it could have been food poisoning from the lunch meat i had on saturday without knowing it was bad. or it could be the virus thats been going around. Thing is both contain the symptoms of vomiting but though i’ve felt like vomiting for the past two days i have yet to do so. and hopefully wont. so who knows. i’m not about to go to the doctor to see. no thank you.

    and when you’re in my situation you will lead a miserable life if you’re not a workaholic. seriously. if you gotta work then do something you enjoy. and i’f i’m to be a slave to the system then i might as well be that doing something worth my while. thats why i teach. :p

  3. well dont push yourself too hard…do try and enjoy things…remember god.. things like that…dunno.. sorry, bit rusty

  4. […] tomorrow. I was going to do it today but was way to exhausted after work. Still trying to get over my sickness from sunday. I need to anyways to check why I have to sit and add air to my tires every couple of […]

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