MI ::Windshield Wipers::

Yesterday morning (It was only yesterday? Dang! feels like it’s been ages!) I was going to pick up the kids (that I usually give a ride) to take to school. It was drizzling oh so lightly but I decided that it was enough to bother me and cause me to turn on my windshield wipers. 

What a terrible idea. The snow that had fallen the day before had somewhat melted then frozen over again during the night. Which meant that my windshield wipers were pretty much frozen into place. I had no idea of course.

So what happens after the wipers refuse to turn on? Well it happened within a split second of me switching the wipers on.The area where the wiper switch was at started to smoke and stink up a storm. I instantly turned off the wipers and pulled to the side of the road just in case.

I turned off the car and waited a few seconds. I could not wait longer than that because it was below freezing outside.

I tried to turn the car back on.



I started to turn to my cell phone when I instinctively put my car into park.

Well duh!

*smack on the head*

I then tried to turn the engine on again. It roared to life.

I didn’t try the wipers again though. That would have to wait.

Afterwards, I think it was later that afternoon after school was out, I checked the wipers. There was a thin strip of frozen water covering both wipers. That was why they wouldn’t turn on.

I cleared the ice from the wipers and made sure there was nothing in the way. I tried to turn them on again after the car was properly heated.


I guess I’ll have to go to a mechanic tomorrow. I was going to do it today but was way to exhausted after work. Still trying to get over my sickness from sunday. I need to anyways to check why I have to sit and add air to my tires every couple of weeks. It’s getting rather freezing outside and I really don’t want to spend my time at a gas station every ten days pumping air into my tires.

Wish me luck! It’ll be my first time getting my own car checked up on.


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