MI ::Children’s Museum vs. Chuck E. Cheese::

I went to two get togethers today that were hosted by two of my students’ parents.  The first was at the Children’s Museum. It was a very cute little museum with lots of hands on educational activities the kids could run around and do. The kids were all over the place. Learning without knowing it. It was quiet but laid back. It was really nice. 

Then we went to the next party. At Chuck E. Cheese. It was full of pointless games and people. Chaos ran rampant and it was pretty loud. I can see it was a place where kids just played safely without a fear of getting kidnapped and whatnot and the parents can just let their kids run around with little supervision and not worry about them. I enjoyed hanging out with the parents and talking and just taking it easy.  

The thing is though that I noticed was the type of people in both places. Ok there are always exceptions but in general the people at the museum weren’t as (to put it frankly) fat as the people in Chuck E. Cheese. I couldn’t believe the difference. It was pretty obvious (with the handful of exceptions that is). 

It’s like when I went to California during last summer. I noticed that the people in Irvine and Laguna Beach were so much healther and more fit than those people that I saw at the OC fair. And it was a blatent obvious difference. 

At least here between the museum and Chuck E. Cheese the ‘status’ of the people was the same or differed very little as opposed to Long Beach having more well off people than the ones that attended the OC fair. 

It’s just interesting how you can categorize (I hate that word) the type of people that frequent certain places. 


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