MI ::School-less::

Two nights ago it snowed between 8 and 12 inches with an accumulation of 5 to 8 inches.  I had no idea of this until I stepped outside my basement studio apartment because I don’t have any windows in my place and the glass door has blinds concealing my little niche in darkness. So Sunday I walk out at 3 in the afternoon to find that I was almost snowed in. There was at least four inches of snow I had to push away just to open my door. And of course I wasn’t dressed for the snow with my sneakers on.backyard

I stepped outside and my foot sunk into the snow to the point where I couldn’t see it. The weather wasn’t that cold. At least it didn’t feel like it because there was no wind. But it was below 25 F. My car was under a huge pile of snow and my driveway was unrecognizable. It took me five minutes to get my car out of the driveway because of all the snow and my car kept getting stuck. outside my boss's house

Of course soccer was canceled. Which was a major bummer. I was really looking forward to it. I didn’t think the weather was that bad personally. Yeah there was still tons of snow all over the roads because the plowers hadn’t gotten to them yet but still. It wasn’t that bad! But that’s only my opinion since this is my first year living anywhere with this much snow.It’s funny how much I, a Cali girl, have no clue when it comes to the snow.Driving back from canceled soccer

So soccer is canceled.

I decide to go hang out at my boss’s house. Being around them is so fun. I arrive and the kids are playing outside and when they see me they run over and shower me with hugs and questions of what I was doing coming and why I hadn’t come for a couple of days and the like.outside boss's house

I ended up baby sitting the kids while the parents went out to watch I Am Legend. I got to watch Underworld Evolution for the millionth time. When the parents finally got back it was after ten at night and I was happily informed that there would be no school the next day (today; monday) and hence no work for me or my boss. taken while driving

I guess the weather was bad enough for the public schools to take off so we took off as well. Funny thing is we just have Tuesday left and then it’s winter break. It would be a bummer if we have to show up tomorrow. I’m hoping we get a really bad snowstorm tonight or something and then we’d be able to take tomorrow off as well. That would be awesome.more snow


One Response to “MI ::School-less::”

  1. Salam,
    Wow how cool.. Reminds me of MN!
    Hope to see you soon..

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