WorkArama ::Internship Applications::

I have finally gotten my ass off the couch (well not literally…it’s on the bed) and gotten myself to finally start writing my cover letters for the internships I wanted to apply for. Apparently in the past four years it’s become crucial that you submit your resume with a cover letter. 

And for some reason I had this phobia of getting my cover letters completed. It just seemed so daunting that I’d have to personalize each one for the specific job I was applying for. Very unlike the idea of a resume, which is pretty much the same.

But I finally got myself to it. And I have just finished applying for five internship positions for this coming summer. I’m hoping this will help me get my foot in the door of the publishing industry. Which was originally what I had always wanted to get in to. Ever since I was 11 that’s what I wanted. Teaching came later on and though I still love teaching and want to continue to do so I also want to try out other things. Like those internship positions for the publishing Companies.

So far I’ve applied to two in New York, one in New Jersey, one in Massachusetts, and one in Beverly Hills California. I’m like 100% qualified for this last position so I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to get it. That would mean around 12 weeks back at my home in Cali! (They even have it as a plus if you’re bilingual and an additional plus if you know ASL! And I have both in my pocket!)

Now I just need to find a way to be patient for the next three or four months before I am to hear from them. I applied super early. Most of the deadlines are in February but I figured since I have the time right now I might as well do it and get it over and done with. Next semester I’ll be so busy I doubt I’ll be able to figure out what way is up and what way is down more or less apply for internships.

It’s a nice weight off my shoulders.

See I can put aside my procrastination when I want to (usually only when it’s got to do with work) and it’s even surprising me since I’m such a huge mega procrastinator.

I guess this is what happens to me when I’m bored out of my brains.

Wish me luck! 🙂


4 Responses to “WorkArama ::Internship Applications::”

  1. That’s what I have – cover letter phobia! I haven’t applied to any DC internships yet. I am so bad!! You’re ahead of your game, applying to internships months early. I’m sure you will get one. I hope you get the one in Beverly Hills. That would be awesome. We can hang out and stalk celebrities.

  2. hope you get the one that will best help with your future careers.. hehe..

  3. Salam, InshAllah you will get what is best for you. Just wondering how the cussing helps…is this a response to your current situation? Remember that what is on the net stays on the net forever and future jobs will check out what you write here and on Facebook and everywhere else. Just a reminder. InshAllah I hope you will get an internship that will benefit you. Salam, Um Omar/K Noor

  4. well good luck 🙂 since you applied for so many you are bound to get one 😛

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