Book Review ::The Golden Compass::

The Golden CompassTitle: The Golden Compass

Series: His Dark Materials Trilogy Book #1

Author: Philip Pullman

Pages: 351

Cost: $7.50

My Rating: A

Date Published: 2003

Comment: This is my second reading of this series. I first read this trilogy when I was thirteen or fourteen. I loved the whole series back then and six years later I still love it. I wanted to reread this book before watching it in theaters and though it took me way longer to read than the first time around I find it just as exhilarating. I recommend this author to anyone who enjoys young adult fantasy. It’s the story of a girl called Lyra and her Daemon Pan. Her friend Roger gets kidnapped by a group only known as the ‘gobblers’. Lyra is determined to find her friend. And from this simple determination comes a pretty complicated story. It’s very complicated. However this book is more like The Hobbit compared to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. So when you get to the Subtle Knife and then on to The Amber Spyglass it just gets more and more complicated but more and more wonderful. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Subtle Knife now.


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