Book Review ::Spinners::

Title: Spinners

Series: N/A

Author: Donna Jo Napoli and Richard Tchen

Pages: 208

Cost: $6.99

My Rating: C

Date Published: 2001

Comment: It’s been ages since I’ve finished a book in one sitting. And I mean ages. It wasn’t hard to finish this story in a handful of hours but the satisfaction of it was immense. I felt like my old self again. The girl who used to easily read three books a week if not more. Story wise this is a version of the fairy tale Rumplestiltskin but it is still alright. Nothing innovative though. More of a kid’s book. I could see myself falling in love with this book at ten years old. But not at my age right now. It was alright. Something to keep me from getting bored but I would choose many other books over this one any day. If you’re looking to find a book for a young girl you know (a sister or niece) and she loves fairy tales then she’ll love this story.


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