Random ::New Year::

It snowed all night yesterday and I woke up a few hours ago to see the snow piled inches thick outside. A beautiful new year’s gift if I say so myself. The new year is here and over with already. Unebelievable. Usually I take the evening off before and just let things sink. Think of what I’ve done that year that’s finishing off and what I plan to do for the year to come. Not really resolutions but more like just putting what I’ve been thinking in my unconscious into my conscious so that it’s in black and white and no longer grey area anymore.   

This year however, it seems as though the new year just barged in and didn’t give me much time to think. I guess I was too busy reading that midnight rolled over and before I knew it people were telling me happy new year and I was like ‘already?!’Of course already. Time’s not going to wait for you. It’s not going to wait for anyone. And so you either hop on the bullet train or you just stay behind and mope. I decided to hop on.

And yet it’s almost four in the afternoon and I still haven’t had that moment to myself. I don’t know why. I just hope it doesn’t stay like this for the rest of the year. This year, 2008, will probably be one of the busiest years of my life.I’ll be turning 20 and leaving my teenage years far behind. It’s weird. I still feel as though I should be 17. I always liked being 17 years old. It was the perfect age. Not too old and experienced but not too young and inexperienced. But the 20s sounds like a nice transition. I need to shed away my past and keep it there. Keep my past in the past and now I need to look forward to the future and what it may hold and of course not forget about the present.

I’ll be going back to school. Finally. It’s been exactly a year since I left my schooling behind me and started working full time. I’m going to try and go full time. Hopefully that won’t be too heavy a load. Full time work and then full time school and then an extra part time job. I must say I’m really looking forward to being a student again instead of being the teacher and the one in charge. I miss the days when I would start writing stories and poetry because my class was so boring. Or when I’d fall asleep in class. Or when I’d play games with my friends on my notebook and pass notes to one another while in class. But I also miss taking new things and listening to the teachers, who are passionate about what they do, teach.

I’ve already set in motion what I plan on doing during the summer (Inshaallah). I want to intern in the publishing/journalism area and have already sent my applications. I’ve also turned in my fafsa (which still needs some work but it’s for the next school year so I have some time) and got my financial aid application for the spring and summer semesters turned in. I also turned in all my essays and applications for the scholarships and aid for the university.

I also want to get my fingers on the school newspaper. And maybe one day get in far enough to edit it. Then I wouldn’t have to work full time because I’d have my tuition paid for me if I get the editing job (which should be opening in the fall at least if not the summer since the editor right now is graduating) so fingers crossed on that.

So pretty much all I need to do now is focus on school, work, and my side teaching ACT job. And of course balance my account so that I don’t end up in debt or anything and that includes at the moment finding a decent place to live at that isn’t too expensive.

I guess I didn’t have to sit down with myself and make a plan like I’ve done for so many years now. It’s all already set out for me. My work for this year is all cut out for me. All I have to do now is not waste my time (I’m the queen of wasting time) and get things done when they need to be done.


3 Responses to “Random ::New Year::”

  1. haha!! lol…

  2. May Allah make it a beneficial and stimulating year of change for you. InshAllah you will grow in your Deen as well as your knowledge of self. MashAllah on all the changes you have made this year and all the work you have done to get where you are now. We are proud of your strength and determination. InshAllah it will grow and you will prosper. Salam, K Noor

  3. Nice. I hope you can get that editor job, it sounds pretty sweet. Can I get a free paper since I know you and stuff?

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