Welcome 2008!

In January of 2008 I will have been blogging for two whole years. Who could’ve guessed that a simple push from Amino would result in a two year relationship with this site? Blogging has helped me in so many ways. Helping me cope with my life in Jordan and keeping in touch with my friends from all over the world are just two of the things that this blog has done for me. Exactly a year ago I made a post showing some blog stats. This time around I’ll be doing the same but I’ll also compare this year to last year.

So all in all for the past two years this is what my blog’s been up to:

Total Views: 34,768

Best Day Ever: 172 (views)— Thursday, April 26, 2007

Totals Posts: 298Comments: 1,159

Total spam Comments: 13,928 (yup they’ve been busy this year)

Categories: 29Most viewed (and commented) post of 2007: Define Whore

Top blog of the day: N/A

Some blog stats for 2006:

Total views: 13,030 exactly

Total posts: 197

Total comments: 550

Total spam comments: 1,340 (all deleted of course)

Total Categories: 13

Most Viewed (and commented) Post of 2006: Things to do in an Elevator

Top Blog of the Day: 15th and 25th of December

So in relation to one another I’ve only written 101 posts this year where as I have written 197 last year. However, the amount of comments have more than doubled meaning I got almost double the amount of comments in ratio with posts this year compared to last year. And this year I had over 21,000 views as opposed to last year’s 13,000.(but I’m guessing most of those are thanks to the spammers). And I’ve added 16 categories. Though I haven’t posted as much as I did last year I still haven’t lost all my readers I believe. *fingers crossed* that I’ll have many more years to come with my blog and that the readers and commentators will keep coming back!

Thanks to all who’ve encouraged me to keep this blog going because if not for this blog I would not have been able to meet such wonderful long lasting friends and fellow bloggers!

Happy new year everyone!


One Response to “Welcome 2008!”

  1. Happy New Year, and Happy Blogoversary, Kloude. It is a pleasure to get to know your thoughts on that side of the ocean too.

    All that to Amino, too!

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