MI ::Snow, School ID, and No Fault Insurance::

Wednesday, which should have been the first day back at work (regular school), was in fact canceled because of the amount of snow that had fallen two days prior. We got an extra day off of work. On Thursday I woke up to see that the weather outside was the coldest it’s been since winter started. 3 degrees but feeling like -2 because of the wind chill.

On Wednesday I had gone out to pick up my printer (which came free with my camera) and so had spent half an hour digging my car out of a foot of snow. This proved a good idea because though I was running early on Thursday I wasn’t running early enough to spend half an hour digging my car out. And besides Wednesday was much ‘warmer’ than Thursday morning. So I get in my snowless car and try to turn it on.

It sputters.

I try again thinking it’s just the super cold that is making the car take too long to turn on. But then I realized the batteries were dead.


So I call up a friend telling her that I can’t start my car so I can’t get her kids. She woke her husband up and told him to come help me. After half an hour or so he stopped by with his jumper cables and tried to open the hood.

I say tried because the hood wouldn’t open for the life of both of us.

It was frozen shut.

I end up getting a ride to work and then borrowing my friend’s Land Rover later on to go to the university to pick up my school ID (the picture turned out to be pretty decent actually) and parking permit. I was in and out within half an hour and was ready to go home and hit the keis (or in other words go to sleep). I was exhausted.

I had woken up the night before at 2 am and couldn’t fall back asleep until fifteen minutes before it was time to get up and go to work. So obviously I was very tired.

I noticed that one of the back wheels on the land rover was really low on air. Almost flat. And realized that was why it was so difficult driving it and keeping control of the wheel.

I got out of the parking lot and was making a right turn. A pretty wide slow right turn only to find that my car was sliding.

Straight into a small maroon Buick which was parallel parked along the street. I slammed on the break but it didn’t work and I went straight into the back corner of it. I instantly reversed and parallel parked behind the car.

I was shaking.

I started driving a over a year ago in October 2006 and this was my first accident. The first thing that popped into my head was ‘Thank God there wasn’t a pile of little kids in the car!’ Then next thought was ‘Thank God it wasn’t moving when I hit it.’

I had no idea what to do though because there was no one in the car. A bystander came over and I rolled down my window. He was like ‘Are you ok?’ I was like yeah. Then he mentioned that nothing was wrong with my car. And I looked at him and was like ‘If someone had hit my car I would want them to let me know! I’m not just going to hit and run.’

So I called a friend up and he was like just put a note on the car with your name and number and they’ll contact you. I did that. But I, also, whipped out my camera and took pictures of the damage.

The Land Rover wasn’t even scratched.

As I was driving back the teacher I work with called me and I told her what had just happened and she explained to me that in Michigan the insurance is ‘No Fault’. Meaning that depending on your insurance if anything happens to your car your insurance will cover it.

That is if you have your car covered. The bare minimum here just covers the people in the car and not the car itself. So the insurance you have covers you. No matter if it’s your fault or not.

But either way I wouldn’t want to cause hardship on someone who uses that car as their livelihood and so they’ll be put back if they end up having to pay for the damage when they didn’t cause it. The lady that owns the car called me on Friday and said she was going to take it to a mechanic and see how much it ends up costing to fix. Then she’ll let me know.

She really stressed, though, how much she appreciated me putting that note on her car and letting her know it was me that hit it. That in itself made me feel so good. Even though this might put me in a very hard situation financial wise (depending how much it’ll cost to repair) it was my fault and so I need to be responsible about it. And hopefully if anyone were to hit my car I’d hope they’d feel the same way.

Later on I was told if the car had been moving when I hit it I would definitely have totaled it. Just from the sheer size and power of the Land Rover. So though it’s not a good thing to get in an accident this was much better than what could have been. So I’m thankful for that.

I still am using the Land Rover. Haven’t gotten time to get my car jumped yet but the first thing I did after that was put air in the tires. It’s so much easier to control now.

I’m going to have to wait till Monday at least to find out how huge that damage is going to cause my wallet.


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