WorkArama ::Internship Interview::

With all the mess that happened on Thursday I completely forgot to write about what happened after my car accident.

I was hoping after finishing from getting my ID and stuff done at the university I could get my friend to help me jump my car. So I went to his house and arrived just as his wife did. As I was parking (still shaking from the accident I had just made) my phone started ringing.

It was a number I didn’t recognize and so I thought it was definately the person who owned the car I had hit. I answer. A guy’s voice asks to talk to me. And I let him know that he is talking to me. Then he mentions my application to the internship they had available. I sigh in relief (because I had no idea what to say if he turned out to be the one who owned the car) but as I sighed I also got excited. He said he wanted to interview me over the phone and if it was the right time. I told him I was just parking and getting inside so if he gave me ten minutes and called me back I’d be ready.

I helped my friend and the kids get the groceries in and as I did so I let her know that I had gotten in an accident (it’s their car I was driving). It was freezing outside.

Ten minutes passed.

No call.

Then maybe half an hour passed because we were almost done putting away the food and were talking in the kitchen.

My phone started ringing. I get it out of my pocket.

I answer. It was another friend’s mom letting me know that she wouldn’t be able to pick up the animals i was pet sitting for her over the break that night. And I told her that was fine since I wasn’t at home to begin with. As she was talking my phone was letting me know that I was getting another line.

I look at the screen and right enough it’s the internship dude. So I hurry up off the line with my friend’s mom and answer the other line just in time.

The interview, I think went pretty well, it’s for the internship available in California with two newspaper companies. The guy said that during the summer they get up to 800 people from all over the world applying for the positions available.

I don’t doubt it. But I’m sure 75% percent of those applicants don’t meet the requirements and needs of the newspaper (and thats a conservative estimate). And I know for a fact that I have at least 90% of what they want. I’m not being boastful but if there’s 800 people applying for a handful of positions and I got interviewed that means I must be from the few they were actually considering.

The guy ended the interview by telling me that they’ll be making a decision within 48 hours but might take a while to notify me because my position wouldn’t start for another few months.

Hopefully, I did well enough to land myself the job. During the interview I found out that I could start working from Michigan and so my doubts of being able to complete the full 15 weeks limit isn’t a problem.

Wish me luck!


One Response to “WorkArama ::Internship Interview::”

  1. yeah Cali would be cool… Then you can see all our friends for the whole summer while enjoying the real palm treas..

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