MI ::And So The Juggling Begins::

I survived the first week back at school. A ton has happened since the weekend before starting. Monday seems more of a distant memory than anything now. My day went as usual waking up at around six and picking up my boss’s kids and taking them to school where I work. Then I spent the day being the kindergarten teacher’s assistant. I never seem to get bored from that but boy is it so draining running after 18 kids for the whole day. School finished and all the kids were picked up by four. I had scheduled an appointment, at four thirty, with a councilor and made it just in time. We talked for about fifteen minutes. I was surprised to find that almost all of my courses that I had from my previous university had actually transferred; leaving me with around four classes left to take before I qualified for my specialization. But I am still far from graduating. I still have to complete 11 credits for my general ed and if I want to get my teacher’s certification I still need to take all 8 classes for that and that’s all besides adding a minor (turned major) in Math.

I’ve pretty much got the next two years mapped out for me; even longer if I am unable to study full time. And that’s most likely what’s going to happen because I need to work full time to be able to pay for my education.

My first class was for my Creative Writing course. It was awesome. I’m really going to enjoy this course. We have to complete 300 words a day (which is not a problem with me since I write on this blog at least that amount on average) and we were starting with poetry writing, which is also not that big of a problem for me. Though I’m sure my poetry isn’t really that hot, my acceptance with that fact is what makes me comfortable with sharing my poetry I guess.

After my first class I had to hurry back to the school I work at to give teach the ACT prep course. It’s really difficult getting there within half an hour of my class ending. I’ll have just make the ACT course start a little later and end a little later. The kid’s aren’t too happy about it but what can I do?

Monday’s are going to be my most stressful days this semester. Waking up at around 6 and not getting back home until around 9 at night. Man just looking at that sentence makes me depressed. Yet even though it’s such a long day I’ll be doing things I absolutely love. First helping teach 18 kindergartners, then myself turning into the student, and then teaching older kids. What more could I ask for? (other than a few more hours to fit into the day that is).

I spent a sleepless night after realizing on Monday evening that the class I was signed up for (that was to begin the next evening) was one I didn’t need. This wouldn’t have mattered if I wasn’t so limited in my options. I cannot take more than 40 credits in my specialization and with this semester’s courses I’d have already taken 30. That leaves me with two classes I can take before I’m banned from the English department. And since I wish to take as many writing courses as I can I’m not going to let an unneeded course stand in my way.

I got to the university about half an hour before my unneeded class was to begin (this was achieved by leaving work half an hour early). I had spent my sleepless night trying to find a class I could replace the unneeded one with. I decided I should first try signing up for psychology 100 since it is a requirement for the Teacher’s Certificate program. I found one other class I could take just in case the psychology class turned out to be full.

It happened to be my luck that I this plan B was unneeded. Within half an hour I signed up for the class and headed my way to my babysitting job. Before starting college, I babysat for a friend every Tuesday and since I have cleared my Tuesdays from any university courses I am able to keep this much needed part time job.

Wednesday was just a repeat of Monday without the ACT course and with the addition of my psychology class, which seems like it’s going to be pretty easy. At least I hope so.

I was somewhat nervous about my American Poetry course on Thursday. However, I was nervous for all the wrong reasons. What made me worried was the fact that the last poetry course I had taken was in my first semester of college way back three years ago. And so I was worried at how I would do taking poetry now. I got to class twenty minutes late because I didn’t get off work until late. The students were introducing themselves and after that portion I realized that I was the only undergraduate in the course. This is really not encouraging since I haven’t been in school for a whole year and now I’m taking a course where everyone but me is a graduate student. That’s going to be super hard to measure up with them. And most of them seemed to be very well educated. Most of them are teachers and professionals. A couple, I know are at my level but it just means that I need to step up to the plate and put an even greater effort in matching up with the better students in the course. I wouldn’t mind one speck if it weren’t for my already overfilled plate.

We’ll see how that goes.


2 Responses to “MI ::And So The Juggling Begins::”

  1. In poetry classes, believe me, being an undergrad or grad doesn’t matter. Just try to feel it and you’ll be fine. 😉

  2. Remember that ALlah never gives us more than we can handle. So with that in mind, keep your head straight and your mind focused and before you no it, the semester will be over. Its gona whiz by. Your thinking about your first week and tomorrow you’ll be thinking “man this is my last class of the semester”!! Wow.
    Give it all you’ve got and be the best you can be and no looking back!

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