In Love ::(Take 1)::

I’m in love….

My kindergarten class snowman project. I got a bit carried away I think.

My other boots died on me so I figured what the hell I’ll just get the ones that have been begging me to buy them since I laid eyes on them. Hot topic is awesome.

I’m sure these are super expensive but I can’t help myself. I got my first taste of them at a friend’s house. And then a few weeks later someone gave me a whole box of them. Two mega bags in each box. I still haven’t finished the first bag. But I must say that’s one of the best chocolates I’ve ever had.

chocolate #2
If you want to bribe me, you know what to use as bait. Enough said.

Not very proud of this one, I must say. A waste of good money but I can’t seem to stop.

Love it.

Snow is beautiful. At least I think so. But for some reason I don’t think I can last around it for too long. It’s pretty to visit but not to live in. I guess I’m just a Cali girl to the core.

(Those are the loves in my life so far. I’ll keep updating it whenever the list grows and whenever I remember things that have become such a major part of my life that I don’t notice anymore. They are in no specific order.)


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  3. I must say I can’t see the appeal of the red and black bag lol (I hate chequered stuff) but otherwise you go girl!I had a similar list once ;dark purple glittering nail polish, my fake lip ring, my hot pink loud-print pyjamas(which are now rapidly approaching their completely-ripped-and-must-throw-them-out-soon-but-can’t-bear-to date), mixed dried and candied fruit…Now though my man has to top the list!;-)Then of course there’s a couple of my books,like the complete poetic works of Hardy (that guy has a genius for poetry-I seriously recommend The Dead Man Walking, Her Definition, In the Mind’s Eye and Ah-Are You Digging On My Grave?)…

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