MI ::Miserable City::

And there you have it. Detroit as well as Flint topped the charts coming in first and third respectively. Two cities from the same state are in the top three Most Miserable Cities in the whole of the United States. Wow! That must be a tough one to swallow for Michiganders everywhere.

It’s a tough one to swallow for a person coming into Michigan as well.

How does this affect me you say? Well for one I am very humbled by the mere fact that I was actually able to get a job within a month of arriving here. Yes, almost all of that money coming in is going straight back where it came from (i.e. college fees and taxes) but that’s beside the point.

Though I’m really happy I actually have a job and didn’t have a hard time finding it, I also am aware of how easily I can loose that job. This makes it even harder and more stressful. I have this job now but will they hire me next school year? Will the school even need me? That’s something I have to think about all the time.

Because, frankly, if I don’t have a job there’s no way I’ll be able to complete my education. I refuse to fall into the trap of taking loans. I have no guarantee that I will be able to secure a job when I graduate to pay back the loans and so I would rather stay away from them.

This added strain does not help. Not one bit. It’s probably the reason why I grind my teeth at night and seem to never be able to relieve that elusive tension just between my shoulder blades.

This is one rat not happy in the never ending cycle of a rat race called life.

But then again define happy. To me being happy is being able to pay your bills every month without the fear of finding out your bank account is empty. Happy is having (or working towards) a job/career that cheers you up and is something you mostly (never always because that’s not realistic) look forward to. Happy is being content and secure with and in the life you lead. And happy is most definitely being content in who you are and in your place in this world.

With this definition of ‘happy’ I doubt there’s many that can say they are so. I know that if I keep the way I am I will be able to attain (inshaAllah) the majority of those points (right now I barely have one of them in my pocket). But life is fickle so most of the time we end up just going with the flow. This sometimes causes us to loose sight of what happiness is. And that’s when, before you know it, you’re life has passed you by and you just had no idea what hit you.


One Response to “MI ::Miserable City::”

  1. Dont forget all of the little accomplishments that you achieve along the way and are often overlooked because so much is focused on the main long term goals that your constantly working towards. You have to pat yourself on the back for allof those ‘little deeds’ that are building towards the big one. And in the end, dont forget that Allah subhana wa ta’Alah is the provider of everything and that no matter how much we try, nothing will happen unless its by His Will. So always turn to Him cuz everything starts and ends with ALlah.

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