Viola! ::Steak::


A few days ago, I went with two of my coworkers to Logan’s. It’s a really nice steakhouse where you can eat as many peanuts as you want and throw the shell wherever you want too. They also have the best bread rolls ever. And those get replenished as soon as the basket is empty and they’re always warm.

I decided I would not order my usual salad as the main meal and try something new. They were both ordering the 6 oz steak. I figured I would try it out as well. It was really good but so dang hard to finish. The steak came with two sides of choice. I got a salad (yes I had to get a salad) and mac and cheese. But boy was it hard to finish that steak.

By the time I had finished two thirds of it, I decided we need a smaller option.

4 oz sounds just right and I think the salad bowl should be a bit bigger.

Maybe it’s just me because whenever I get the salad from Quizno’s I seem to always end up with a bowl full of chicken and no lettuce or tomatoes left.

I guess I just prefer less meat and chicken in my food.

Maybe I should just stick to ordering salads.


One Response to “Viola! ::Steak::”

  1. i hear u.. been a vegetarian for 7 years and loving it! red meat is so not for me.. hail salads! 😀

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