Uni ::Black vs. White::

Ever since I moved to Michigan I noticed something that has been bothering me for a while. I am not sure if this was something I’ve been around and never really noted it until now or it’s something new that’s started occurring and so I noticed. I believe the latter is true but I can’t be a hundred percent sure.

Whenever, I talk to people here and somehow our conversation heads in the direction of discussing someone I don’t know, the person I’m talking to (at least 90% of the time) will note the person they are telling me about’s skin color. This specific description is usually given within the first three adjectives said. And this really bothers me. I’ve never noticed skin color as a major thing until I came here.

I don’t remember talking to my friends in California and mentioning a person’s skin color in our discription of them. Nor do I remember having this issue in Jordan half as much as I do here in Michigan.

Why do I bring this up now? Well I was discussing how I wasn’t able to find some books at the library on a poet I would be shortly writing an 18 paged essay on, Audre Lorde. Of course no one knows who Lorde is so I said, ‘Some lesbian poet’ when asked about who I was supposed to write about. It did come in my head to mention she was black and it annoyed me that I even thought about it because it just shouldn’t matter. Now that I think about it I shouldn’t even have mentioned she was lesbian. That shouldn’t matter either. Even though the poet being black and lesbian in the mid 1900s does matter to how she was received it doesn’t matter to the people I was talking to.

Makes me think, If I’m being influenced in this way then what else is going change in me from living in Michigan?


One Response to “Uni ::Black vs. White::”

  1. heheh that is true.. my mom does that, too… it bothers me too..and i think it isnt just a michigan thing… i think maybe california is the only place that dosent have that habit.

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