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Goal #1

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I have decided to start setting up goals that aren’t super long term nor super short term. They will be all types of goals. Small. Major. Insignificant. Anything. We’ll see if I can keep them. 

My first goal is:

#1 To take a summer off and go traveling through Europe before I turn 25.

So far whatever major goals I’ve put for myself (i.e saving up and leaving Jordan, getting a job in Michigan, going to university, studying to become an accredited teacher, buying a Mac, traveling to specific places, etc) I have been able to achieve. Yet, now that most of my previous goals are met or being met I have to start setting some new ones for myslef.

 Here we go!



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I rarely ever eat breakfast and if I do it’s rarely anything good or interesting but when I woke up today I decided I wanted to eat something good. And boy was it really good. This is one of my favorites that I make when I have the time. 

 Preparing the smoothie. Very healthy 
Preperation: a few cubes of ice, strawberries, raspberries, a banana, a fruit yogurt cup (black cherry), and honey- crush and enjoy.

Toasted cheese sandwich and smoothie
Toasted cheese sandwich and the prepared smoothie.MMMmmmm

Music ::U2::

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A friend of mine lent me some of her U2 albums. I must say I actually really like them.  When I was in Jordan, many of the ‘hip young thangs’ were into U2 and Pink Floyd so I never really looked much into them. Being the kind of person I was. But now that I actually like U2 I’m thinking I might like some of Pink Floyd if I ever get the chance to checking them out.   

Random ::Good Day::

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Finally, after a few weeks of some sort of depression, I had a really good day yesterday.  I got up around nine in the morning (yes early for a Saturday) but I had agreed to help a friend out and take his two kids to drum lessons. 

Of course, I get to their house and the kids don’t want to go. I text my friend and tell him this and he says to just help their mom out and get them ready for soccer practice then. That wasn’t a problem. Just when they were about to leave the kid’s mom asked me if I wanted to go with them to soccer practice. The plans I had for the day had just been canceled- so I figured what the heck- and I went with them.

I didn’t expect to enjoy myself but I was surprised I did. The kids were really excited to play and I got to bump into a handful of my kindergartners and it was a nice feeling when they realized I was there and they showered me with hugs and questions. I ended up playing with one of them for like half an hour making patterns with our bodies- claps, stomps, snaps etc. I would keep making them more difficult but she somehow was able to follow along for the most part.

I cheered some of the kids on and then hung out with the parents and chatted. Before I knew it the two and some hours had flown by and we were about to leave. It was such a stress free time I hadn’t had a chance of having in a long while. Not once did I worry about the work I needed to finish over the weekend, or the jobs that needed to be done or the bills that needed to be paid, or the test on Monday I had yet to study for, or any of that stressful stuff.

I, also, was craving social activity: being around people that didn’t ignore you or anything like that. Afterwards, we went to Red Robin for lunch. Four kids, their mom, and me. It didn’t even cross my mind that the kids would be rowdy or somehow end up having tantrums and they didn’t. It didn’t even bother me that we got a table in the center of the room when I usually prefer booths. None of this bothered me and the kids were perfect angels.

After that I hung out at my friend’s house (the kid’s dad had gotten back from work and took all the kids to a birthday party) and we watched the sequel to Elizabeth with Kate Blanchett (?). It was such a relaxed Saturday.

I haven’t had a day like this in ages. Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve had such a non-stressful day since my summer vacation in California.

GI ::Shallow::

Posted in General Idiocracy on Sunday, March 16, 2008 by dragonsvamp

I was at a gathering the other day. Something like a girl’s get together which also contained a small discussion on current events and the topic of the week.  The very kind lady who lets us use her house as our meeting spot (and is also the one who organizes the discussions) was to be speaking at the town hall during the next week about the Iraq war.  She had a stack of the flyers that announced this on her kitchen counter.  

There was to be two speakers: the lady and a guy. There was a picture for each of them on the flyer. I wish I had taken one to be able to describe it right now. I didn’t see anything amiss in the pictures but apparently the girls around me instantly hollered out to the lady “Does the guy have a claw for a hand!?”

Now, no matter where you’re from, what kind of question is that?

It is obvious that the man lost one of his hands. And it is apparent from the picture that he’s got a prosthetic claw-like hand in its place. Why make such a major deal over it?

When I saw his hand I said a prayer thanking God that I wasn’t given that hardship and I felt somewhat proud that the guy wasn’t ashamed of it. If he was he’d have had his hands behind his back or found some way to make it inconspicuous.

The thing that upset me the most was that the girls made a huge deal over it and just talked and talked about how weird it was and how come he didn’t have a regular prosthetic hand or something. After making a big deal about it, they went on to talk of other things. The man in the picture was practically completely forgotten.

I’m not saying that the girls are shallow, that would be me being judgmental. It just rubbed me the wrong way and apparently I’ve been dwelling on it for the past two days because it keeps popping up in my head at random times.

MI ::Hibernation::

Posted in Michigan on Friday, March 14, 2008 by dragonsvamp

It feels as though I just woke up from a long long hibernation. The winter was beautiful but I rarely ever saw it in daylight. I would always leave the house right before sunrise and wouldn’t get out of college until after sunset.

The only times I saw the sunlight (or daytime since sometimes there wasn’t much sunlight) was when I looked out the window or when I drove straight from work to college.

I don’t care too much for sunlight but I must say today was a very very nice day even though I only got to be out in the sunlight for a little bit (since a little is pretty much all I can handle).

Spring is finally beginning to peek out of her hiding place.

I just hope spring sticks around for a while before letting summer take over. Either way I plan on enjoying the cool warmth of spring.

It just feels like forever since I could walk out the door and not feel cold. It was cold outside but the sun was so warm and comforting that the coolness of the weather was perfect.

*Sigh* I just hope it doesn’t snow again until next winter. It would really be depressing for this to be a one time thing and then have some snow type weather for the next two weeks.

*fingers crossed*

MI ::Forget March Forth::

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In my last post I had said that it was supposed to snow about 6-9 inches last night. I wasn’t really looking forward to a snow day (I was already missing out on enough college courses- seriously I’m paying an arm and two legs for that I’m not about to want a snow day again) but a snow day would have been nice if it only included the school I work at.

I needed more sleep.

The cold/flu I’ve had for the past three weeks has yet to let up though it has lightened a bit.

Anyhow, I woke up bright and early (Wasn’t very bright actually. It was still dark outside) and checked online at abc12 to see the list of schools closing for the day.

The list was empty. No schools were to be canceled.

I refreshed it just incase it wasn’t up to date. Same results. How could this be if there was inches and inches of snow outside?

I lazily got out of bed and walked over to my glass door. Peaked behind the curtain. There was a extremely thin sheet of snow on top of frozen over water (The previous day was pretty sunny and had melted much of the snow but the ground hadn’t soaked much of the water yet.)

It was going to be slippery business walking to my car without slipping.

Ah another day of work. I really needed that sleep. Oh well. I guess I’d rather have work than have 6 inches of snow to deal with at the moment.