In Love ::(Take 2)::

I started this list a few weeks ago when I decided I would never hate again. So far so good.

So for this second post here is the picture list of what I am in love with…

Skull hat
My favorite hat from Hottopic.

Eyebrow piercing
My eyebrow piercing and piercings in general.

The Calendar Wall.

My books.

black and red checkered bag
I overly depend on my black and red checkered bag

My Laptop
MAC. I. Love. Period.

The slowly growing wall of things I’m accumulating over time from my students mainly but does have a few papers from other events or occurrences that have some importance to me.


9 Responses to “In Love ::(Take 2)::”

  1. So uhm where’s Dark Tranquility’s poster?!

  2. Hmmm never heard of them actually. What type of music do they make?

  3. did you get another eye brow ring on the other side?!! 🙂

  4. Well they mostly play Death Metal! I got a scent that you’re a metal head, so you know!

  5. Well if they sing something like HIM and Katatonia or Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, and Within Temptation I would def love them. However if it’s mainly just screaming and shouting I might not. Lol. I’ll check them out when I get the chance. Thanks tho :p

  6. hey cloud, its shefa from jordan, i dont know if u remember me .. but anyway i hope ur doin well n everything,,, i kinda took ur blog address from rand cuz it was the only way of contacting u ,, o and sorry about laeving it as a comment but i dont know how some1 can PM around here, hehehhe, anyway i was wondering if u have kacy’s phone number or email or anything in which i can call and check up on her,(i hope she is still alive) i really miss u guys,, :'(((( uni sucks under all circumstances but u two made it suck alot less,,,
    btw the piercing is so ace!!!!!!!!

  7. OMG shefa!!!! I’ve been thinking about you guys! Hey why dont you email me and i’ll send you kc’s email. She’s here with moi. we’re doing good AlhamduliAllah. my email is just email me and we’ll go from there. I don’t want to put kc’s email on here :p. *mega hugs* 😀

  8. Don’t check them out believe me, they’re nothing like those bands. 😀
    But really I can say that all of what you’ve mentioned amongst my favorites, especially Nightwish, I love their Wish I had an Angel.

  9. erm…eyebrow piercing isnt haram in islam? coz i kind of considering getting one

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